Everything You Need to Know About Marketing in 2022

As we enter a new year, many spiritual entrepreneurs are reevaluating their marketing efforts. What’s working? What isn’t? What’s in alignment? What isn’t? 

This practice is precisely what you should be doing as we enter a new year, so good for you! As you dive in, keep these 2022 marketing trends in mind.

Short Video Content in 2022

If you are on Social Media in almost any capacity, you’re going to need to embrace short video content if you want solid organic growth. That train has left the station and it’s only gaining momentum.

  • Instagram & Facebook Reels
  • Pinterest Video & Idea Pins
  • TikTok Videos
  • YouTube Shorts


If this news is making you grumble, please keep reading. Creating and sharing short videos might not actually be out of alignment for you.

Do you REALLY hate the idea of recording 15-30 second videos for your social media, OR do you just not like most of the examples you’ve seen?”

You always have the freedom to take a strategy (webinars, Instagram reels, whatever) and make it totally your own. This is often the BEST way to implement a strategy because when you do it in a way that’s never been done before, you stand out.

So, if dancing and pointing at text isn’t your thing (dancing certainly isn’t my thing so I get it), don’t count our reels! You can create them HOWEVER you wish.

Remember, good marketing content leaves your soulmate client feeling seen and heard. They should experience a small transformation just from following you and being in your energy. This can be accomplished by listening to you talk or watching a video of you typing out your message in the form of short video content.

You Have to Play the Game but You Make the Rules

Okay, so why are these short videos so dang important? Why have they taken the internet by storm in the last two years? 

There are two reasons:

  1. Users love them. The human brain loves the dopamine rush of scrolling through clip after clip of entertaining videos. We can argue about how potentially damaging that is all day long, but the fact of the matter is that most social media users are getting on the app to watch short videos. I tend to think that if I can make a positive impact and inspire my followers to take action, the good outweighs the bad. 

  2. The Algorithm Favors Them – Instagram, Facebook, Meta (whatever) are making it very clear that they want us to create short video content. Take a look at the apps. What’s the button in the middle center on both apps? You guessed it – reels. When we make the algorithm happy, it makes everything just a little bit easier on us by pushing our content out to more people. I ALWAYS put my follower’s needs above the algorithm, but I am careful to make sure I’m following the rules and getting the most bang for my buck too. 

Can you still grow on Facebook and Instagram without posting reels? YES yes, you can. You can market your business however you want. BUT, you need to know you are doing it without the super blaster algorithm support behind you. Instead, you rely entirely on your soulmate clients to engage with and share your content.

Your growth will likely be a little slower, but you can still have a massive impact. Again, there is no right or wrong answer here. As long as you have all the information, all that matters is what aligns with your energy.

A photo of a hand on a pink computer mouse. You can also see the edge of the keyboard in the image.

2022 Marketing Trends - Impact

Back in 2018, you could send 200 DMs and land 10 clients. You also used to be able to post crap online, and as long as you posted something, you would grow a huge following. You could do whatever it took to get people on calls, “handle” their objections, and enroll them in your programs.

Online marketing was (and in many ways still is) the wild west, and masculine energy ruled. However, for the last 3-4 years, a more gentle feminine energy has been rising, working to return balance. I feel it deep in my bones – that balance is here in 2022.

So what does this mean? It means that your marketing needs to have an impact. It must be based on service instead of getting as many enrollments as you can. Your sales conversations and email invitations should act as a guide to help your soulmate clients make the decision that’s best for them. Whenever you feel desperate, trying to convince or force a “yes” from someone, you need to take a step back and recenter your energy.

If it’s not a “Hell Yes!” for both of you, it’s a no – this tiny principle right here will explode your impact in ways you can’t even imagine. When you bring this level of integrity into your spiritual business, you will reach an energetic alignment that is pure magic.

The freedom available to us in today’s marketing world is unlike anything we have ever seen. You can literally do whatever you want AS LONG AS you do it with integrity. 

Good Content in 2022

This 2022 marketing trend will be scary for some of you. I hope I can dispel some of your fears here. There is SOOOO much content out there, and more is posted every second. If this makes you feel like you are drowning, keep reading.

Back in 2012, you could grow a blog by just posting fluff one or two times a week, and you could go viral on Instagram by posting a photo of your coffee cup each morning.

Today, your content must have an impact. It must have a purpose, and it must make your soulmate clients feel ridiculously seen and heard. 

You Have to Play the Game but You Make the Rules

  1. Market research – get on a call with 3-5 soulmate clients and ask them questions to understand what they need from you.
  2. Intuition – Your higher self, your ancestors, and your other guides have so many answers for you if you take the time to tune in and ask them. 
  3. Analytics – Each month you should take an hour to look at all the content you published. What did well? What didn’t? How can you make small changes in the next month based on what you see there? 

Following the three steps above forces you to serve and be intentional in your marketing. You can do a LOT with a small audience if you do those three things. For example, the average social media account converts 3% of its followers into clients. But, if you focus on building relationships with your soulmate clients instead of vanity metrics like likes and followers, you can knock that out of the park.

Our conversion rate from social to soulmate clients is 7.5%. Imagine if you could make yours 10 or 15%. It’s so dang possible! How many clients can you possibly serve? Let’s say 10 for ease of math.
If you can get your conversion rate up to 10% (using the three steps above), you only need an audience of 100 to fill your capacity.

See how the magic happens?

The more you focus on creating super good content, the less you need to publish and the more impact you will have. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Mistakes and failures are how we learn. A lousy post or two or 100 doesn’t mean anything about you or your spiritual business.

A photo of Laura sitting on her patio writing in a notebook.

Consistency in 2022

As you grow your audience on social media, you need to post consistently. If you are an excellent creator and know your audience super well, this can be as little as two times a week.

BUT it’s always 2x a week. Rain or shine, those two posts go out, and you show up and engage with the people to respond to their content.

This practice is a MUST if you want those high conversion rates I outlined above.

To convert someone from follower to soulmate client they have to trust you. They have to get to know you for that trust to develop, and this happens over a series of consistent and positive interactions.

Sometimes this happens when the person will comment on your posts or reply to your emails, and you’ll chat with them. Other times you’ll get a “lurker” who reads every single thing you post or send but never reaches out until they are ready to become your client.

Either way, your consistency will build that trust over time and give them the confidence to take the next step (but you have to invite them, which is a WHOLE other post).

There was a time where you could get away with only showing up during your launches. I am guilty of this and did it pretty successfully in 2019. However, it no longer works to do this.

There is just too much noise, and people will forget about you if they don’t see you regularly.
When they don’t know who you are, they don’t trust you, and they don’t buy.

So, you don’t have to show up every day, but you do have to show up consistently. If content creation is holding you back from being consistent, we are here to help. 

It’s Time to Do the Thing

In 2022 you must commit to creating an incredible experience for your online audience by:

  • using strategies that align with your energy
  • tapping into the best practices of the platforms that you choose
  • consistently posting content that empowers and inspires

Okay, that about covers it. Are you ready to do the dang thing and get on board with these 2022 marketing trends?

I hope this post served you by giving you a fresh perspective on 2022 marketing trends. So, are you ready to do the dang thing and show up for your people? I can’t wait to see what you create.

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