2023 Business Trends for Spiritual CEOs

It’s that time of year. Spiritual coaches, healers, and practitioners across the globe are reflecting on 2022 and planning for 2023 spiritual business trends. This process brings up all the emotions – celebration, sadness, frustration, joy, and, my favorite, the ever-revolving determination to make THIS your year.

2023 – the year you finally set up, step out, and create the business you’ve always dreamed of. It doesn’t matter that 2022 and 2021 were also gonna be your years. They were just practice. You’re serious about it this time, right?

Great! I’m so glad you are. BUT what are you going to do to make this year different? The #1 reason people get stuck on the THIS YEAR train is they don’t understand what it takes to run a successful business. They want to go all in, but they don’t know what that means.

Let’s dive into 2023 spiritual business trends so you can understand what it takes.

Walk Your Talk

2023 Spiritual Business Trends – #1

Two years ago, the ability to hire a spiritual coach online was mind-blowing. Calling yourself a manifestation coach and posting content was enough! We needed you. We wanted you. There were not that many of you, so people were jumping at the opportunity to work with you regardless of what was going on with you as a human being. 

That is no longer the case. Today there is a fuckton of you. I am vetting my coaches carefully (and noticing my clients doing the same). You have to be your own best example! 

If you aren’t doing the work you ask your clients to do, how can you fully understand their needs and meet them? 

If you can’t make the time to do the work you ask them to make time for, how can you hold them accountable?

The “do as I say, not as I do” coach is out. No one wants that shit. The “I’m in this with you. Let me take your hand and show you the way” coach is in. 

Be the self-love coach who sets healthy boundaries so they can make time for their mental health, NOT the one who shows up for their clients exhausted and burnt out from living for everyone else. 

Be the business coach who puts themself out there in every way they can, NOT the one who tells her clients they have to step out and be seen while hiding in the background.

Be the healer who devotes time to managing their nervous system before every session, NOT the one who stuffs her bad day aside before meeting their clients.

The age-old “put your oxygen mask on before assisting others” is no longer a suggestion. It’s a requirement for spiriutal business success in 2023. 

A successful spiritual business owner.

Deliver On Your Promises

2023 Spiritual Business Trends – #2 

The spiritual coaching and practitioner space is the wild west (white ppl, let’s learn from our mistakes and respect other cultures this time, shall we?) Anyone can create an Instagram account, call themselves a coach or a healer, and have a business. 

In the last month, I’ve gotten two new clients who were not happy with the quality of their previous social media manager. At first, I felt guilty! Taking business from someone didn’t feel right. 

BUT then I took an honest look at the posts from the old SMM and saw a huge difference in quality between her work and mine. These clients weren’t looking for an intern. They were looking for an expert who could sweep in and handle it, and that’s me. 

You have to be the expert who can sweep in and get shit done (whether that is a service or coaching). People are looking for real expertise. NOT someone to give them a to-do list they could find on google.

  1. Anticipate your clients’ struggles, have a plan for how to fix them. 
  2. Know where to go if you need help serving a client. 
  3. Know your limits and have other practitioners on hand who you can bring in or refer to if needed. 

Every client interaction is an opportunity to reflect and improve. Ask for feedback, notice where you could have served better, bring a deep level of consciousness to your service and be open to what unfolds.

Pay attention to the promises you make on the front end (marketing and sales) and make damn sure you can deliver them. Set aside your ego and dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to your craft!

Know Your Soulmate Clients

2023 Spiritual Business Trends – #3 

I’ve been saying for years that the key to selling your offer is making your soulmate client feel seen and heard. This is not a drill, people! Especially if you work with anyone who isn’t a cis white male. 

We don’t need to be told what to think and feel. That is a huge turnoff. We need to know that you’ve got us on our good and bad days. That we’re safe to be our authentic selves with you and that it’s okay to explore and fuck up while on our journey with you. 

You cannot afford to make a single assumption about your soulmate clients. You need to LISTEN to them. What do they want? Are you delivering that for them? Are you showing them that in your marketing?

Are you a light in the darkness for them from the moment they find your website to the last day of your program and every second in between?

If you’re reading this thinking, “gosh I’m not sure,” or “I don’t even know how to do that,” – you have a massive opportunity in front of you. Talk to people! Ask them what they need, discover what holds them back, and learn how you can serve them better. 

Take that information and put it to use in every way you can. Track your results. Rinse and repeat. You’ll dial in your marketing message and get to know your soulmate clients on a deeper level with every repetition. 

Sell With Love

2023 Spiritual Business Trends – #4 

Selling can be uncomfortable AF. I still struggle with it at higher price points. But learning to sell with love is a must. 

When you talk about your offers with confidence, your soulmate clients listen. We’ve ALL had that awkward moment at the end of a powerful presentation where we stammer “If you want to work with me book call” and jump off as fast as possible. 

That’s not selling with love! That’s selling with fear. No one buys fear. Why can’t you own your energy when you make an offer? 

This is a get honest with yourself regardless of what your nervous system or any other asshole in your life has to say kind of question:

Can you deliver the results that you promise, provided your client does the work?

If the answer to that is YES and you still feel your body crawling with discomfort, you have a pattern to break. If the answer to that is no, you need to look at it strategically and make changes to your program, price, or messaging. 

Selling with love is simply reaching out a helping hand. You’re not demanding a down payment. You’d be delighted if the person wants to move forward, and you’ll continue to love them the same if they don’t (this is complicated if you’re experiencing financial scarcity. I’ll address that later). 

You have a process for vetting potential clients. Telling someone you aren’t a good fit to work together is no problem. 

Selling with love NEVER positions you or your program as the only solution to your soulmate client’s problems. Nor does it make them feel like shit if they aren’t ready. It simply extends a loving invitation with no expectations in return.

Manage Your Energy

2023 Spiritual Business Trends – #5 

Managing your energy is ESSENTIAL to owning a successful spiritual business. It seems so obvious, but I see it over and over again – the spiritual CEO who is constantly pushed into flight or fight by their business.

No one wants to be around you when you’re stuck in your head, buzzing with negativity! Your clients can feel it, and it creates resistance in them. Potential clients can’t quite put their finger on why, but they don’t feel right about working with you. Desperate FUCK I’M FREAKING OUT vibes repel your soulmate clients.

Running a business is risky and vulnerable. You share your heart and stick your neck out over and over again with no control over the outcome. It’s NORMAL if that triggers you! But running a successful business requires training your nervous system to be okay with that.

This can look like meditation or breathwork during a launch. It can also be addressing scarcity with a therapist or working with a business coach to identify patterns of self-sabotage and give you tools for rewriting them.

At the very least, take the time to notice yourself going into flight or fight while working in your business. Pause and bring yourself back to a neutral state. Stop pushing forward blindly or shrinking back and hiding when you feel yourself losing control

Allow it, feel it, let it pass, and dive in again. When you ignore it, it slowly brings you down.

Do the Damn Work

2023 Spiritual Business Trends – #6 

If you want to have a real impact on this world, you can’t have just a hobby business. You need a real business with systems and income that support you and your clients. 

I don’t mean that you need the latest and greatest tech, or you have to dehumanize your client interactions in the name of scaling. I mean you have to be intentional about EVERYTHING. Every move you make should position you towards achieving your larger vision. 

It’s time to get serious. Stop waiting for clients to find you. Become their port in the storm and SHOW UP for them. Wade out into the muck and the mess that is the internet, take their hands, and pulls them out! 

When you get new clients, give them the best experience they’ve ever had. Commit to making a difference in your life and your clients’ lives. And THEN, do whatever it takes to follow through with that commitment. 

Learn marketing, hone your craft, face your shit, and SHOW UP. Don’t let another year go by waiting for your dreams to come true. Go out and make them happen. You got this! 

Looking for a spiritual business coach to help you match this energy in 2023? Apply to work with me! 

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