why you can’t commit to consistency in your marketing

I recently read a post of Jenna Kutcher’s that blew my mind. She is an excellent example of committing to consistency in your marketing. She’s been blogging 3x a week for the past nine years. WOAH baby, that’s seriously impressive! It taught me that if I want this blog to help 1000s of spiritual business owners, I need to commit to consistency.

I’m so excited to do this thing. I’m determined to blog once a week from now until the end of 2021. It’s non-negotiable, as crucial as visiting MJ 3x a week and going to lap swim 2x a week. So when I feel called to write, I’m gonna freaking write, and I’m going to let it flow.

I struggle with consistency in my marketing

I’m coming out of hibernation after a year of soul searching, shadow work, and rumbling about in the muck of my mind. During that time, it was impossible to commit to consistency. 

Creating content felt like pulling teeth. The content I did manage to scrape together during that time wasn’t great. However, it was a valuable lesson I needed to learn. Now I can help you figure out why you can’t commit to consistency and take the necessary steps to correct it. 

There are two absolutes that you must keep in mind as you read this post. 

  1. Unaligned content is shit content. If you aren’t feeling it, don’t create it. 
  2. You have to commit to consistency if you want to get results in your marketing. 

Now, I’ve said this before, but I’m going to repeat it. Consistency does not mean constantly. You don’t have to show up on social media every day or blog three times a week. 

I’m in awe of the fact that Jenna Kutcher blogs three times a week. But, she doesn’t have a business that requires her to do the same for her clients. She also has built herself a pretty impressive team, so she’s not doing all the content creation herself.

I DO have an excellent team. This blog will see the light of day thanks to my awesome assistant Ellie. But, I’m not to the point where I’m ready to let her write for the blog. Once a week is what my consistency will look like with me doing all the writing.

The real magic happens when you can create an environment where you are consistently in alignment. I started sharing how to achieve this in a section to this post, but it became its own animal. You can read about it next week.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

One last piece of the puzzle stopping you from committing to consistency in your marketing – your dang ego. That thing is SUCH a drag, but since we haven’t figured out how to get rid of it yet, we gotta learn how to live with it. 

It takes time for your marketing to gain momentum. I always say prepare to wade around in the muck of learning and building momentum for about six months before you start to see results. It’s these six months where 90% of entrepreneurs throw in the towel. They get tired of not getting comments on their posts or not showing up on the first page of Google, or not getting listens or views, so they stop. 

Well hell, stopping certainly isn’t going to solve that problem. We all know that! But we also all have egos, and it hurts to wade around in the muck. It sucks to feel like no one gives a crap about the content that we pour our hearts and souls into.

The “Lucky” Ones

You might be one of the few who are perfectly in alignment when you start. If you are the Universe will deliver exactly what you want right away. If you are GOOD FOR YOU. Make sure you understand why you are in alignment and do whatever you need to do to maintain that. 

Most likely, you are still figuring it out, and the Universe knows this, so it’s gonna take some time. You are gonna put some bad content out into the world. Your audience will resonate with a slightly different message than you think they will. You are going to have to shove your ego aside, make adjustments, and keep going.

You gotta commit to consistency if you want to be able to call in clients with ease. It’s 100% possible, but also 100% not easy. So if you need help, book a call. We’ll figure out if working with us is the right help for you.

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why you can’t commit to consistency in your marketing




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