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In last week’s blog, we talked about why you can’t show up and market your spiritual business the way you really want to. There are a lot of factors that come into play when you find yourself struggling with consistency. The biggest one is creating an environment that helps you be consistently in alignment with your work. 

The best way to do this is to schedule CEO time regularly. Put it on your dang calendar so no one can book a meeting with you and interrupt it. CEO time is creative time – let the ideas flow and make space to implement them. 

Right now, I’m all about CEO Fridays. That looks like Starbucks, witchy outfits, and slamming out content. It doesn’t matter how you schedule it. It matters that you curate a high vibe experience (hence the outfits and the Starbucks), and you freaking show up for it. 

CEO time should always start with spiritual work. Set the stage to channel incredible content by connecting with your guides. Automatic writing is my JAM. I pull up a blank google doc, and I ask my guides what they want me to be aware of during this session. I ask them what they want me to share with you, and I let it flow.

This is also time to tune in and ask myself, what’s out of alignment? What do I need to outsource or remove form my business so I can continue enjoying showing up in this way? 

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Choose a Format That Works For You

Blogging is a fantastic format for me becuase I can connect deeply to my guides while I write. If journaling or automatic writing isn’t your thing, maybe blogging isn’t for you. That’s okay! A huge part of being consistently in alignment is identifying your gifts and building a content creation plan around them. 

I’m dominantly Claircognizant. My guides pop knowledge, ideas, and thoughts into my mind and let me run with them. This is why automatic writing works so well for me. I ask my guides for knowledge, and I write it down. 

If you are Clairvoyant, you may find that creating videos feels good to you. Likewise, people with Clairaudience often find podcasting enjoyable. These are not cut and dry rules. They are just ideas to help you think and explore and discover what works for you. 

The important thing is that you don’t try to make yourself create in a format that doesn’t flow. Instead, explore your options, find one you love, and do the dang thing. If you are successful here, you will be consistently in alignment as you create your long-form content. 

Know What You Want to Say and Why It Matters

One of the biggest obstacles people deal with when they try to create consistently is they don’t know what to write or talk about in their content. This, my friend, is a high sign that you don’t have a strong messaging strategy. So book a magical messaging strategy session with me! I’d love to help you dig around and figure yours out. 

I also walk you through doing this yourself in Own Your Impact. When you have a robust messaging strategy, you never run out of things to say. A messaging strategy is essential “How I’m gonna change the world with my marketing.

I’m going to empower spiritual business owners to share their magic with the world, so every person on earth has the resources to live an attuned and connected life if they choose to do so. No big deal, it’s fine. I can totally do this (I hope you hear the panic in my voice here). 

Needless to say, your messaging strategy is some potent shit. Businesses with strong messaging strategies kick ass—those without one struggle to connect with their soulmate clients. 

Get Help With the Shit You Don’t Enjoy

The process of posting these blogs on my WordPress site is utterly tedious to me. So is scheduling my social media posts. When I’m humming along, and the words are flowing with ease, I can’t stand being interrupted with the logistics, so I don’t deal with them anymore. 

You don’t have to have $100s a month to outsource the crap you don’t enjoy in your marketing. You can hire a VA for $20 an hour or pay someone by the job on Fivver to get the job done for you. 

You have to be prepared to train someone when you bring them on at a low price point, but it’s so so so doable, and you will be amazed how freeing it is to release yourself of obligations that you don’t enjoy.  I’ve done this many times and only had a bad experience with one person. 

If logistics will stop you from sharing your message with the world, it’s well worth investing in some help to get it done. By the way, repurposing long-format content like blogs, videos, and podcasts into social media posts is our JAM. Book a call if you want us to handle that for you. 

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Pay attention to when inspiration strikes and utilize that time. I’m a night owl. I keep strict office hours with my client work, BUT when it comes to this stuff, if it’s flowing at night, I let it flow. Sometimes Quinn will come into my office at 10 pm, and I’ll be furiously typing away, the words pouring out of my fingertips. 

This isn’t an every night or even an every week thing. If it became one, I would have to do some work to get my life back in balance. But, when it happens, I let it because good content always comes from it. 

Maybe you are a morning person. This means you shouldn’t book client sessions until the afternoon. Instead, leave the mornings open for your creativity to flow. Even if you can’t leave every morning open, leave one or two a week and play with increasing that time as time goes on. 

Sometimes inspiration strikes me in the middle of doing work for a client. I try to give myself enough lead time on all the projects I do to make space for this. As long as it doesn’t put my back up against a deadline, I’ll let myself set aside client work and whip out a blog post if I know it’s going to flow easily. You should do the same. 

To recap, if you want to be consistently in alignment with your marketing, you have to:

  1. Actively schedule a time to create content
  2. Curate a high-vibe experience for yourself
  3. Create in a format you enjoy
  4. Understand and believe in the impact you are trying to make
  5. Have a solid messaging strategy
  6. Let it flow when it’s flowing

Some of this may sound simple, but it works. Let me know how it goes! 

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The journaling exercises in the free resource will help you find your magic so you can be consistently in alignment with your marketing.





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