Three Secrets of Creating Magnetic Content

Magnetic content is the secret sauce behind most successful marketing efforts. It often seems like something mystical that spiritual CEOs hope to stumble upon someday. In reality, there is no stumbling involved. It’s practice, refinement, and commitment to intimately getting to know your soulmate clients.

You may not have created magnetic content before, but you’ve certainly consumed it. Think of a creator you love—someone whose content makes you feel seen and heard in ways you’ve never experienced.

Look closely at that person’s content. I bet you’ll find several imperfections: typos, pictures with bad lighting, and messy transitions in videos. Perfection is NOT the key to magnetic content. It isn’t how well you write or speak or how fancy your graphics are either.

Three parts come together to create magnetic content. Let’s dive into them!

Secret #1 Share Your Truth

You have to own your truth day in and day out. What do you stand for? Why does it matter to you? Who are you showing up for, and why? What makes you different from your competitors? What do your soulmate clients need to hear?

If you can’t answer that last question, that’s your first step. Without the answer, you’ll just be adding to the noise without connecting with the people who need you most.

Every human on earth has original content within them. Each soul is on a unique journey with unique perspectives formed by our past and present lives. That’s your magic. It’s waiting for you to tap into it and share it. 

You’ll feel tempted to prove your truth when you begin sharing it. Fear creates the need to explain your position in detail (who it’s for and who it’s not for and why). Adding details helps you avoid offending anyone or looking like you don’t know what you’re doing… right?

Wrong! Qualifying and over-explaining waters down your truth – it’s the opposite of magnetic content!

Here’s an Example:

What parts are qualifying? “Actively trying” “on Instagram” and “growing a new following.”

Why isn’t it necessary? If someone isn’t actively trying to grow their social media accounts this post is not for them. They can just scroll on by. The post is already on Instagram. I don’t need to specify that.

I threw in the phrase grow a new following because of what my competitors are saying in their content, NOT because it’s what my soulmate clients need to hear. You can read more about that here.

BUT the point is that those words are not needed and they water down the message. 

What can I say instead?

See how much more compelling the second post is? Of course, the words won’t resonate with everyone, and that’s okay! The point is to compel those who want more followers to take action. I’m not here to make the people who are happy sitting back in the shadows feel warm and fuzzy.

Your truth won’t resonate with everyone. This is a HUGE part of why you must intimately know your soulmate clients! Your posts should resonate with them. But they don’t need to resonate with anyone else!

Secret #2 Clarity

Now that you’re ready to share your truth, you can learn to communicate it clearly. Your soulmate clients must know what you’re saying! They don’t care about the modalities you use, and they don’t speak your language!!

If you get ONE thing out of this post, I hope you stop creating content about your qualifications and healing methods. Feel free to answer questions about them in your sales conversations, but don’t post them on social media! I don’t want to sound harsh, but no one cares about your reiki training. It’s my job to help you understand that. 

Your soulmate clients want to feel better, be more organized, have better relationships, begin a spiritual journey, or something else along those lines. THESE are the things magnetic content addresses, not meditation, akashic records, breathwork, etc.

Discovering what words your soulmate clients use to describe what they want most (that you can help them get) is massively important. Most people skip this step, and it bites them in the ass. Speaking your soulmate client’s language is essential to creating magnetic content. 

If you use words that your soulmate client doesn’t care about or understand, they won’t ever resonate with you. It doesn’t matter how amazing of a coach, healer, or service provider you are. If your marketing content doesn’t resonate, you won’t ever get to share your magic with them.

Let’s look at two statements: 

These are two taglines I’ve used over the years. Which one grabs your attention more? It’s likely the second one. Why? Because it’s clear as day. BTW You don’t have to swear for clarity if it’s not your style. 

The first tagline is full of phrases you probably don’t use. For example, “attracting soulmate clients” is a marketing phrase. You can use context to figure out what it means, but it doesn’t grab your attention. 

Having a magical marketing plan might pique your interest, and it sounds cool, but you don’t wake up thinking, “I need a magical marketing plan!” It’s not clear enough.

The first tagline might make you think, “oooh, that sounds cool,” but it doesn’t make you think I NEED THAT. A response of “I need that” is the goal of magnetic content. 

I’m sure you’ve woken up to thoughts of creating content that gets your soulmate client’s attention. That’s what the second tagline conveys and why it grabs your attention. It’s clear, and it’s what you want!

Now you’re ready to look at your website and social media profiles with fresh eyes. First, recognize where you might be using words that don’t resonate with your soulmate clients. 

Then go out and talk to people, read their posts, and reflect on conversations you’ve had with clients. Finally, replace the phrases that won’t resonate with your soulmate clients’ words.

Secret #3 Own the Stage

Okay, we’ve talked about sharing your truth with clarity. Owning the stage is the final secret to creating magnetic content. You HAVE to learn how to show up confidence. When you’re in the spotlight, you set the tone.

You can’t fake it, either! You can’t turn your confidence on for the camera when you aren’t feeling confident at all. You have to fully embody and integrate it into your daily life. 

You can try to fake it, but it will appear desperate or inauthentic. You’ve seen these creators before, over-excited and outside of themselves, forcing their energy (hell, I’ve been this creator, so no judgment if you have to). It feels horrible to create from this space and consume the resulting content. 

So, what do you do instead?

You commit to becoming confident in what you have to say. Dig into why you aren’t confident and how to fix it.

Step 1 - Find The Holes

When you share your client results, does it feel exciting… or does it feel like you are bragging? If it’s the ladder, that’s a hole in your confidence. When people ask what you do, can you proudly tell them? Or do you hem and haw and try to get out of the conversation as quickly as possible? Another hole. 

How often do you create content and then fail to share it or water it down by qualifying it before it goes live? Do you love the idea of being a guest expert but struggle to pitch yourself? Those are ALL holes in your confidence. 

Make note of any resistance that comes up around sharing your message with your soulmate client.

Step 2 - Fill Them In

For every hole you have in your confidence, ask yourself two questions:

  1. What would it take for me to become confident in this?
  2. What action can I take to make this happen?

Sit with your answers. Don’t tell yourself your answer is wrong or bad. Allow whatever comes up to come up.

You may need to:

  • Change what you say or how you serve
  • Confront limiting beliefs 
  • Examine past results and find data to prove your abilities
  • Remove blocked energy from your body and space
  • Re-visit past experiences and show yourself why they won’t happen again 
  • Own mistakes you’ve made and remind yourself why you won’t make them again
  • Block anyone who doesn’t support you when you share your truth
  • Practice coming home to your body and showing up from a grounded place of confidence

Your nervous system is activated wherever there is a hole in your confidence. Alarms are going off. IT’S NOT SAFE HERE. It’s your job to figure out how to make it safe so you can move forward.

Step 3 - Take Action

Even when you do the mindset and embodiment work and set yourself up for success, you might not find your confidence immediately. That’s okay. There is nothing wrong with you!

Every big-name creator you follow had sweaty palms the first time they stepped out on stage. One of the best ways to up your confidence is doing the dang thing, even if it feels scary. Step two will take the edge off, but then you have to train your confidence muscle.

The more you practice, the more your nervous system will recognize your newfound confidence as normal. Keep doing the scary thing, and trust that confidence will grow. Go back to step two, do more inner work, and try again as many times as it takes.

As you go through this process, recognize if your confidence is getting worse. If it is, you’re pushing yourself too far too fast. Slow down, find a way to take smaller steps, and nurture yourself with love as you go.

An Example:

Now that we’ve explored confidently owning the stage, I want to leave you with a real-life example. Sharing my truth with clarity and confidence right here on this blog has been a JOURNEY. 

When I started, I shared some pretty shit content with MAJOR confidence (you can scroll back and see it). Then I let a coach (who hated creating content and shouldn’t have ever been my coach) get in my head. I decided I didn’t have anything valuable to say, so I shouldn’t say anything at all. 

Last year I saw all that for the limiting bullshit that it was and decided to show up and start blogging again. But HOLY CRAP, it was hard to make myself sit down at the computer. 

My brain would tell me:

My body rebelled every time I tried to write. I’m hungry, tired, have to go to the bathroom, can’t focus, have a headache, and on and on. My subconscious was determined to stop me from blogging again.

Logically I could recognize my limiting beliefs for what they were, but my nervous system was not ready to let go. Enter those two questions from above.

  1. What would it take for me to become confident in this? – My blog must be unique. If posts don’t feel expansive, I won’t publish.
  2. What can I do to make this happen? – I released expectations of consistency. I created space for the creativity to come through but didn’t beat myself up when it didn’t.

Over time writing this blog has become a sacred practice. Although I still set it aside more often than I wish, my confidence in what I share here has increased massively. I no longer freeze up and lose all my creative juices when I tell myself it’s time to sit down and write. 

I’ve created a safe space for myself to flush out thoughts and ideas and work on my energetic presence and share that journey with you. Today I can confidently share whatever I want. I like to think that what I share here is magnetic content. 

If this resonates with you, welcome! My goal is to inspire you to create a similar space for yourself. One where you can push your edges, practice owning the stage, and become a better leader for those you serve. 

Take a moment to ask yourself, what would that space look like for you? 

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