Most Spiritual Entrepreneurs Are Missing This ONE Thing

How often do you find yourself dwelling on past failures and mistakes instead of moving forward? This is a sign that your relationship with failure needs some work. 

Unfortunately, many spiritual entrepreneurs get stuck beating themselves up for things that didn’t work out or mistakes they made. You can’t move forward if you are living in the past. It’s time to break free from this cycle!

Let’s start at the root of the problem. Why do so many Spiritual CEOs fall into a headspace that leaves them stuck instead of moving on after a big move in their business goes sideways? Because they can’t handle failure.

It has WAY too much power over them. The ONE thing Most Spiritual Entrepreneurs are missing is a healthy relationship with failure.

Why Must You Fail?

Failure is a non-negotiable part of building your spiritual business. You should know this well if you are on a spiritual journey yourself! Manifesting your desires doesn’t happen by sitting on a white pillow surrounded by candles and calming music envisioning your dreams coming true.

It happens when you, ask for guidance, roll up your sleeves, and follow the trail the universe lays forth. It’s messy and imperfect. Some days you feel amazing and others, you want to crawl in bed, pull the covers over your head, and weep.

Every moment of that experience is part of the process!

It’s the exact same journey in your business. You have to take that leap of faith, and put yourself out there before you have all the answers. This requires giving yourself permission to fail.

That creates the space to take risks, experiment with new ideas, and push beyond your comfort zone. Without failure, we don’t evolve, try new things, or have the life experiences that make us better at guiding others.

So don’t be afraid to fail as you build your spiritual business. Instead, view each mistake as a stepping stone on the path towards success!

Failure = Certain Death... Or Does It?

Pause for a moment, and consider your relationship with failure. Is it safe to fail in your world? 

Were you encouraged to make mistakes as a child? Did a parental figure get mad or upset when you spilled something? What happened if you got a bad grade at school? What about your career? Is there an overbearing authority figure (perhaps in your own mind) waiting to jump all over you if you slip up?

Whether we know it or not, these experiences push our nervous system into survival mode. Our subconscious doesn’t like that feeling, so it vows to keep us safe next time. It looks at the events leading up to the bad feeling and installs alarms to prevent it from happening again. 

Your subconscious has kept you alive your whole life, and it’s not planning on giving up anytime soon! Depending on how unsafe failure has been in your life thus far, you might have more than one alarm system in place. When you take a risk, you set them off. They blast until you step back into your comfort zone.

The Real World Isn't That Dangerous

Unfortunately, your subconscious is primitive. It doesn’t understand varying levels of risk. In it’s world, jumping off a cliff into rocky churning waters is the same danger as hitting “go live” on Facebook. That’s why every time you try launching a program, speaking on stage, starting the podcast, etc., your alarm bells sound. 

They make you second-guess yourself. Do I even know what I’m doing? Is this the best move for my business? Spying a weak spot, imposter syndrome pounces. Who the hell are you to start a podcast? Who’s gonna listen?

The lies stack up, and before you know it, you’ve spent days or weeks battling alarms instead of moving forward. If this scenario is part of your reality, you have an unhealthy relationship with failure!

It’s time to lovingly ask your subconscious to step out of the driver’s seat and move forward with higher awareness.

If you want to change the world with your work while making enough money to live the life you want (and deserve), you gotta develop a healthy relationship with failure. Today!

Redefining Your Relationship with Failure

Start by re-framing what happens when the alarms sound. Your past  failures can teach us how to be better in the future. They have valuable lessons to teach you that you don’t want to ignore! However, they shouldn’t bring up emotions that make you feel like shit and keep you playing small. 

The next time your alarms sound will go something like this. “Oh, my silly subconscious thinks I’m going to jump off a cliff and die. That’s not actually what’s happening here. So it’s safe to move forward.” 

Great! The logical mind is on board! However, your nervous system is not. The first few times you try to step beyond the limits of your alarm system, your subconscious will turn up the volume. This is a last-ditch effort to get your logical mind back in line – cue nervous sweats, a shaking voice, and a shitload of negative self-talk. 

This is an opportunity to step into your next level. It’s also where your energy work comes in clutch. If you can call your awareness back into your body when your subconscious throws a fit, you can quiet the alarms and begin to write a new story around failure.  

It’s okay, I will go live on Facebook, and only one or two people will watch the video. That’s not unsafe in any way. It’s an opportunity for me to practice and learn.” Then breathe, breathe, breathe, surround your subconscious with love and safety until you feel it soften. Call on your spiritual team. Let them support you as you do the scary thing. 

Nice job! You did it! You’re still alive. Celebrate making a big move! Then ask what went well, what didn’t, and what skills you can improve next time. From here, it’s time to move on. Rince and repeat this process, and you’ll develop a healthy relationship with failure before you know it.

Watch Out For Bypassing

I want to pause and make an important distinction before we go further. We didn’t bypass the emotions and the thoughts that the subconscious brought forward in this process. 

This can happen when a coach (or your ambition) pushes you to make big moves without turning your awareness inward and giving love and attention to what comes up during the process. 

The result is rushed, numb, and energetically disconnected. Whenever you find yourself in the headspace of “What the fuck! I’m doing everything right in my business, and NOTHING is working!” 

Take a look at what you bypassed. What are you numbing out? What needs some love that isn’t getting it? A healthy relationship with failure leaves space to explore feelings.

Leaning Into Failure

The faster you can learn from failure and move on, the quicker you will build a wildly successful spiritual business. 

The most successful spiritual entrepreneurs are comfortable in a cycle of:

  1. Taking risks
  2. Making mistakes
  3. Learning from those mistakes
  4. Implementing the lessons they learn
  5. Taking risks with increased knowledge and skills

Becoming comfortable operating within this cycle opens you up to new possibilities and limitless growth. It removes a TON of restriction and resistance from your energy field, allowing you to share your magnetic presence with the world.

Building a business requires risk, and that goes hand in hand with failure. If you aren’t grappling with failure in your spiritual business, you are staying too far within your comfort zone. You’re not growing as fast as you could be.

Everyone builds their business at their own pace, and I’m not here to tell you what your pace should be. However, if you are experiencing genuine financial scarcity (struggling to pay for your desired lifestyle at your current income), it’s time to roll up your sleeves and rumble with failure.  

The world needs your work. You must meet your needs first if you want to leave a positive mark on this earth.

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