Discovering Your Soulmate Clients

You’ve probably read a million blog posts and filled out just as many worksheets about finding your soulmate clients (usually called ideal clients). People say you need to know exactly who this person is, down to the most minute details including what they eat for breakfast and the brand of shampoo they use. I call bullshit. That’s busywork, and you don’t need it in your life (unless you are using Pinterest, I cover that here). 

Also, can we address the phrase “Ideal Client” for a moment? It makes me cringe a little as if this perfect human exists just to work with you. Similar to the way the thought of a horse being tossed aside after it can no longer perform its duties as a riding companion kills me inside. Not a single living being on earth exists for the enjoyment or benefit of others. 

I much prefer the term Soulmate Client. That’s the person who your soul was dreaming of helping when you started your business. It’s the person who you know without a shadow of a doubt that you can achieve a beautiful transformation for. Your soulmate client is who you want to create your messaging strategy for. 

Meeting Your Soulmate Clients

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Worksheets and exercises can get you thinking about your soulmate client, but you probably won’t fully identify who they are until you work with them for the first time. Then, it will be a truly magical experience.

When you work with a soulmate client, everything flows. It’s easy. You end your sessions feeling like you are doing the work you were born to do. They buckle down, do the work, and achieve transformational results. 

Even if your program ends, they remain in your circle for years to come. Soulmate clients become lifelong friends. I hope you are lucky enough to have a community of them someday. 

Think back on all the clients you’ve worked with. Have you had an experience like this before? Maybe you’ve worked with a soulmate client, but you didn’t realize it at the time. 

Perhaps you’ve worked with people that had elements that your soulmate client has, even if you haven’t worked with one perfect fit yet. Pay attention to those qualities that you are looking for.

For example, my soulmate clients know exactly how they help people, and they are willing to share what’s on their hearts to inspire others.

The Elements of a Soulmate Client

So you don’t know precisely who your soulmate client is. How can you start narrowing it down? There are a few things that come together to make someone your soulmate client. First, both parties have to be equally invested in the transformation. 

This means that your client needs to be willing to pay your prices without making you feel like shit, AND they need to be ready to do the work. You need to be willing to show up for this person as your highest self and support them in whatever they need. 

What type of person do you enjoy working with? Right now, there is a surge of people on Instagram whose soulmate clients are “made for more” or “mission-oriented.” This means that they are in business for more than a fancy house and lavish lifestyle (although these things are okay to have).

They want to make a ton of money so they can be part of something bigger than themselves. They want to change the world for the better. This is a BEAUTIFUL quality to want in a soulmate client. 

Think of what your program demands of these people. Are you asking them to take messy massive action? You need someone willing to make mistakes. Do you help people find balance in their relationships with their spouses? You need someone in touch with their emotions so you can help them communicate more clearly. 

Take some time to think about this and jot down what comes up for you. 

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Unbridled Content Marketing Soulmate Clients

  • Want to build an impactful community online
  • Have value to share with their audiences
  • Have a solid service or program, ready to deliver to their soulmate clients
  • Understand that they need to show up as the humans behind the content that we produce
  • Take responsibility for their own success but are willing to look to us for guidance and support
  • Show up for themselves 
  • Are willing to get uncomfortable in the pursuit of their goals
  • Share honest and straightforward feedback without making it personal
  • Are willing to connect spiritually and look deep within themselves to find and share their magic
  • Respect our boundaries
  • Understand that we are imperfect human beings that sometimes make mistakes (but always do whatever we can to fix them
  • Want to make the world a better place
  • Are here for the long term making decisions in pursuit of their ten-year vision, not tomorrow
  • Understand that their personal lives and businesses are intimately connected, and they need to tend both with love to succeed
  • Are willing to laugh at themselves when things go awry
  • Celebrate every dang win because they know that’s the key to more success

Ready To Discover Your Soulmate Client?

I highly recommend taking the time to create a list like the one above for your business. Then, dig into the values of your soulmate client and ensure they are the type of person that lights you up. 

This list will change and evolve as you and your business do the same, but the more intentional you can be, the easier it becomes to ask the universe for exactly what you want. 

Once you know who this person is, you should create everything for them.
From your programs to your Instagram stories, speak directly to this person every time you create. The more you can make them feel seen and heard, the easier it will be to show them the value of working with you.

Work With Us

If you want to dig deeper into your soulmate client and design a magical marketing plan that caters just to them, work with us! It’s what we do all day, every day.

It’s time to get out there and talk to your people! 

Get to know them, and learn how they talk about their dreams and desires.

Grab my list of questions to ask your soulmate clients.





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