Equine Businesses! Show Up Online with Confidence

You have to go live if you want to grow your horse business on Social Media. Learn how to find the confidence in my latest blog post. #farmer #rancher #cowboy Launch your horse business ideas using Facebook Live. Learn how to boost your confidence before you hit play with this post. #Horsetrainer #horse #equine Creating live videos on social media for your equine business is important. Learn how to find the confidence go to live in this post. #horsemanship #cowgirl #equestrian Promoting your equestrian blog posts with live video is a great strategy, but many people struggle to find the confidence to get the job done. This blog post will give you some tips to get up the nerve. #stables #barn #farm
If you are struggling to find the confidence to show up online for your equine business, you are not alone! When I started blogging in my cooperate job, I had never blogged before. I had no idea what I was doing, but it was my job. After a few google searches on how to do it, I went forth and blogged. A year later, that blog was generating 300 customer inquiries a month with $0 spent on ads. Countless hours of trial and error turned me into a confident blogger because I saw success in my work. I’m still finding my mojo in terms of showing up live in video. I’m faking it until I make it!

I Committed to Showing Up for My Equine Business

I have committed to showing up once a week in live videos to deliver trainings to my audience. After a month of doing this, I have learned a LOT, and I’m ready to share. It does not matter if you are trying to find the confidence to show up through blogging or live video; the same concepts apply:
  1. Stop hiding behind your keyboard. You know you need to go live or post a blog, but you can’t do it because you are thinking, “Nobody’s gonna care, nobody’s gonna listen, or I can’t write well.” If you spent the amount of time that you’re spending having anxiety about this, just doing it, you would be 100 million miles further ahead than you are right now. STOP hiding behind the keyboard, or the camera just show up and do it.
  2. Go in with a plan. You will feel a million times better if you go in with a plan instead of going in blind. Public speaking isn’t my strong point. I get nervous. So, I go in with a TON of notes. I know what I’m going to say when I start a video. Eventually, I want to be able to jump on and speak live without notes, but right now I can’t, and that’s okay.
  3. Embrace the awkward. It’s going to be weird at first. You’re going to have awkward silences, not know where to look at the camera, and need to look at your notes. That’s okay! The beauty of starting small and building your audience is that no one sees it at first anyway. Embrace that awkward feeling of talking to an empty room and keep doing it.
  4. Show up consistently. I’m seeing consistent increases in my views because I’m committing to showing up once a week on my blog and in live videos. If you suck one week, and there are a bunch of awkward moments, and you trail off at and lose your train of thought, don’t give up! Just keep showing up consistently.

Take the Challenge

Write a blog post or show up live on Facebook or Instagram next week. Pick that topic that you can provide a ton of value about, plan it out, and JUST DO IT! Tag me in your video or send me a link to your blog. I would love to check out your equine business. If you need a safe space to go live, check out my Facebook Group. You are welcome to practice going live in there anytime you want. Also, make sure you grab a copy of my Facebook Live outline in the sidebar. It will help you get started!




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