Your Guilt is Not Serving Your Business

Your Guilt is Not Serving Your Business

A letter to myself and any other spiritual entrepreneur who’s ever stood in these particularly uncomfortable shoes. As spiritual business owners, we are practiced at checking in and recognizing the things that are holding us back. We work to heal, clear, and ascend but so often we hold onto guilt that is not serving our businesses.

Guilt over:

  • walking away from a “secure” job
  • being “selfish” and relying on others as I got this dream off the ground
  • working a late-night or hopping on a call when family is visiting
  • not taking care of myself as well as I want
  • being unable to love myself unconditionally and trust that I am enough

Some of this guilt is not even my own, and the stuff that is mine is simply meant to bring my awareness to something that needs healing, and then I can do that work and release. Guilt is not meant to weigh you down and stop you from achieving your goals for years. But I keep holding on. Why the fuck do I keep holding on?

My Guilt Is Not Serving My Business and Neither Is Yours

Feminine entrepreneurs are societally programmed to feel guilty. Not serving clients enough, not charging enough, not showing up enough, not being enough for ourselves, our families, or the world.

I’ve had enough of not being enough!! Have you? I can see you so clearly, and I KNOW you are enough. I’ve never even considered the fact that you may not be enough, but I can’t seem to see the same in myself. You may be experiencing the exact same thing looking at me. 

Let’s turn to the wisdom of horses to dive a little deeper into this. My horse, Molly Jane, never feels guilt. She was not raised by generations of women who put themselves and their dreams behind everyone else’s. 

Nor was she taught that delayed gratification and sacrifice were the way to succeed in life. She comes from a long line of red-headed mares (traditionally thought of as opinionated, difficult, hard to manage horses). Her mother taught her how to literally kick down fences and go for whatever the hell she wants and she does this unapologetically. 

I’m excellent at embodying my Molly Jane for moments in time. She allows me into her aura and I can feel her wisdom and power flowing into my soul. It helps me move forward when I’m stuck. This is an incredible gift, one that I will never take for granted, but honestly, it’s bullshit that I (or anyone else) still needs help in this department. 

Yellow Followers in Vase on Office Desk and Crystals around the Vase

Let That Shit Go

Why am I still carrying guilt over following my dreams and starting a business instead of climbing the soul-sucking corporate ladder that left me feeling like a horrible human being? Why do I feel guilt simmering just beneath the surface of my excitement every time I take a pay cut for a month or two to invest back into my business?

I’m not here to make just enough money to cover the “secure” job that I left. I’m here to share the wisdom of horses with as many people as possible so we can collectively increase the consciousness of the world and make it a better place to raise future generations of equines and humans.

A guilty conscience cannot achieve the massive goals that are sitting on my heart and I’m going to hazard a guess that they can’t achieve yours either. I’m done letting guilt stand in the way of progress. 

Your Past Results Do NOT Predict Your Future Outcomes

I am constantly coaching my clients to release their guilt around their past marketing or business efforts not working. There is so much to learn and do and try, why on earth would you feel guilty when you can simply move forward with new information? It’s so easy for me to see it in others and extend my hand to pull them out of the weeds. 

Yet I struggle to extend my hand to myself. Over the next few weeks I’m going to embark on a journey to dive into this guilt. To find the root of it and release it (this is shadow work, something we all can benefit from diving into). It’s time for me to identify guilt that is not mine and step back from it. Then I’ll learn the lessons from the guilt that is mine and allow it to dissipate into the universe. 

I have no idea where this journey will take me or whether or not I will be back with part two of this blog. Maybe I’ll want to share my transformation. Perhaps I will feel the need to keep it to myself for a bit. I just know that it’s high time to let go, and I have a team in place that will allow me to do it.  

We All Have Darkness

The spiritual business space can feel so light, and airy, and perfect, and that’s not healthy for anyone. We can’t just pretend everything is love and light all the time. It’s not, and saying that it is makes the people who are struggling feel alone. 

You aren’t alone if you are struggling with guilt in your business and your life. There are thousands of us in those trenches with you. BUT that guilt isn’t doing a damn bit of good for any of us. I invite you on this journey of figuring out how to let it go.

Your Guilt is Not Serving Your Business




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