How Long-Form Content Can Grow Your Business

In a previous post, we dove deep into how to choose the right type of long-form content and why that matters, but we never talked about how blog marketing and other types of long-form content can grow your business. We’ll do that now.

Attract Soulmate Clients & Repel Bad Fits

Blog marketing (and Podcasts & YouTube Videos) provides a way for your soulmate clients to get a taste of what it’s like to work with you before they dive in. This is why it’s so important to tailor your long-form content towards your soulmate client. 

I went through a phase of trying to make marketing seem easy for my soulmate clients. I wanted it to be less scary, less work, less of a time investment, so I wrote a bunch of blogs on how to make marketing easy. 

The problem with this method of blog marketing is that I attracted a few lazy clients! They didn’t want to show up for their brand, they just wanted me to publish social media posts and thought their businesses would magically grow. 

Once we got started and they realized that I expected them to engage with their followers, they quickly moved on. At the time, I thought there was something wrong with me. Now, I realize it was a content problem. I was speaking their language in my marketing but it didn’t match up with my program and that was a hard but necessary lesson to learn. 

Today I’m clear that I am here to help hard-working people work smarter not harder! That works a LOT better.

Help Soulmate Clients be Prepared to Work With you

Another way that blog marketing  (and Podcasts & YouTube Videos) helps grow your business is that it can provide an awesome opportunity to educate people before they work with you.

It’s much easier for people to get the most out of the Unbridled Content Marketing programs when they understand what a freebie is, why they need email marketing, and who their soulmate clients are. That’s why I talk about this stuff on the blog, so people can be ready to dive in and get started once they decide they are ready to work with me. 

Your long-form content should do the same. What do you wish your clients knew going in? How could they get more out of their time with you by being more knowledgeable going in? What things do you typically have to teach or explain at the beginning that you get tired of explaining? Sit with those questions and start to make a list. It will help you come up with your first posts, podcasts, or videos. 

Even if some of your soulmate clients never end up working with you, if they consume your content and learn something and it helps them in some way, you are having an incredible impact on them. That’s why we are all here. To help people. 

Drive Traffic with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It takes a lot of work to create long-form content and you want to make sure it’s seen. You’ll be promoting your content via your social media platform and email newsletter, but how nice is it when people randomly sign up for your programs or join your list? It’s the best! 

Long-form content can help you with that. There is a reason I choose Podcasts, Blogs, and YouTube videos to talk about in this post. There are other types of long-form content like IGTV, Facebook Live, Vimeo, etc. BUT none of those are the SEO powerhouses that podcasts, blogs, and YouTube videos are (Google Owns YouTube so those videos are prioritized in search). 

SEO isn’t as complicated as it seems (we cover it in the Own Your Impact Mastermind) and once you figure it out, you can learn how to show up in your soulmate client’s search results. 

THEN your long-form content is truly working for you, helping educate and inspire your soulmate clients and inviting them to join your inner circle in your sleep. 

Remember, good long-form content should attract your soulmate clients, repel those who are not a good fit, help people get to know you and your business, drive traffic to your business, and prepare people to be successful working with you. It should also ALWAYS have a call to action (CTA). 

Your CTA can be anything from signing up for a free or low-cost offer, or booking a discovery call (I suggest you mix and match as it feels right). You must invite people to take the next step so it’s easy for them to do so when they are ready. If you aren’t familiar with calls to action you can read more about them here

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What Should Your Long-Form Content Be About?

This is a conversation I have often:

Me: Explains the importance of choosing the right type of long-form content and how it can grow your business.

Spiritual business owner: Gets super excited to start creating long-form content and sharing it with the world. 

A moment of silence…

Spiritual business owner: Turns slightly green, their smile fades, and they start freaking out about how to come up with enough topics to put out long-form content without giving away everything they offer.

Me: Lights up and continuing the conversation that goes like this 👇🏽

Your long-form content should teach your soulmate clients what they need to know in order to succeed working with you. After that, it’s always the why and not the how. 

I teach anything that’s easy to Google right here on the blog. I’m not in the business of charging people for information they can easily find on the internet for free, AND I want to make sure my soulmate clients can find the info they need right here on the blog instead of running all over the internet and learning from unreliable sources. That’s why I discuss things like Instagram Hashtags and Pinterest even though those are also topics I teach on. 

If you join one of my programs I’ll give you everything I’ve got on those topics (assuming they are part of your marketing plan). The blog posts just scratch the surface and help you get started. You can manage your long-form content the same way.

Your Guides Have Your Back

Don’t let a fear of running out of topics stop you from getting started IF you are in alignment with what you are doing, and you are excited to continue to serve your soulmate clients, you aren’t going to run out of topic ideas. Your spirit guides will continue to provide you with incredible downloads and you will be lit up to share them with the world. 

It’s when we are out of alignment or aren’t enjoying our work, that our spirit guides go silent because they know it’s no longer in our best interest to keep creating content for an audience or on a topic that we have outgrown (you can read about my journey with that here).

Go Create Some Long-Form Content!

If you are ready to get started with blog marketing (or YouTube or Podcasting) the time is now! Your soulmate clients are waiting to hear from you and I’m so excited to see what you create.

Download the blog startup checklist in the sidebar. It will help understand what you need to have in place before you hit publish on your long-form content.

Need Help?

We teach our clients how to tune into their spirit guides and download incredible content that is totally unique to them. Then we arm them with actionable strategies (or handle that on our end) to get the content in front of their soulmate clients. THAT is the basis for a magical marketing plan.

Whenever you are ready to work with us, we are ready to work with you! Own Your Impact is for spiritual business owners who want to DIY their marketing but are looking for some guidance in the process. Working with us 1:1 includes endless possibilities for support.

Work With Us

If you want to dig deeper into your soulmate client and design a magical marketing plan that caters just to them, work with us! It’s what we do all day, every day.

Before you go....

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Thanks for reading, much love, Laura

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