What it Actually Looks Like to Share Your Truth

I’m a messaging coach for spiritual coaches and entrepreneurs. My days are filled with conversations about being seen, having an impact, creating magnetic content, and sharing your truth on the internet. If you’ve been a soulpreneur for a while, you’ve probably discovered that sharing your truth is fucking hard! 

But have you ever paused to ask yourself why? It’s different for everyone, but it starts with societal expectations and cultures, takes a detour by your inner child and generational patterns, and ends with what you choose to do about it.

Shall we begin?

“They” Want to Keep us Quiet

Our capitalistic patriarchal society doesn’t want us to share our truth (us being anyone who isn’t a white male perfectly happy living a corporate existence). Sharing our truth would bring us together in a way that scares the patriarchy. We might see the truth behind the division that plagues our communities. 

We might see the beautiful souls that live within each one of us. We might finally decide we’ve had enough and wake up to the idea of building a society that benefits and supports all humans, not just the rich white ones. 

Imagine if society honored a feminine person’s intuition and magic as deeply as a masculine person’s skills and experience! What beautiful changes could unfold in this world?

I’ll get off my soapbox, but the point is the patriarchy wants to keep us quiet. But don’t think that staying quiet is good for you for a second. The world is WAY better off when you share. 

I’m sorry if someone has told you that your experiences or opinions are worthless or wrong. Your feelings of uncertainty and fear of being seen are valid. You’ve probably been told again and again to stay quiet and not make a scene. BUT I’m holding space for you to step forward and share your magic with the world. 

It won’t be all rainbows and unicorns. But, it’s your best chance at having an impact. Plus, you might smash some generational patterns in the process. 

a horse wandering through a field pondering how to share his truth

Most of Us Are Safe

If you’re reading this post, it’s likely totally safe for you to share your truth on the internet (if that doesn’t ring true, block your family members). I certainly hope that your truth doesn’t involve:

  • Marginalizing another population.
  • Standing for something that is harmful to others.
  • Abusing animals 

These are the kinds of things that make people want to come after you.

If you live in a developed country, your government probably doesn’t give a flying fuck what you have to say on Instagram. So you won’t get thrown in jail for helping your soulmate clients and sharing your truth.

It might not FEEL safe because you’re worried about being misunderstood or canceled, but in reality, even if you do get canceled, no physical harm will come your way.

As soulprenuers it’s our job to do this work! To dig deep into our subconscious and discover what’s holding us back. To share what we discover with others so we can inspire them to do the same.

Where Has the Truth Gone?

Ready to begin? Start by asking yourself, what happened when I shared my truth as a child?  

I grew up in an environment where sharing your truth was not safe. Generations of emotional abuse and birth trauma left my parents ill-equipped to navigate their own feelings nevertheless my own. 

Sharing my emotions triggered their bodies into protection mode. Alarms would sound. We need to shut this down before we have to feel it!! We need to teach her to do the same so she doen’t end up with emotions she can’t handle!!

I was lovingly raised to guard my heart and hide my truth. The way you remain safe is by being unnoticed, and unflappabe. When someone is causing a fuss, remain silent, keep your head down, and stay out of it. Don’t do anything that would burn a bridge (even if the bridge leads to emotionally abusive coaches, bosses, teachers, or family members).

An image of a woman skinny dipping in a lake. She is sitting in the water pondering what it means to share her truth

But, that’s not the ONLY way I was raised. In the duality of our complicated and messy world, I was also raised as a strong and wildly independent feminist (only in situations where it was “safe”). I spent my summers on an uninhabited island with my closest girlfriends (that’s Alaska for you). We ran through the forest, sat amongst the wildflowers, and skinny dipped in lakes, letting our wild souls fly free. 

My wild soul is the real me. I’ve always felt most at home with her. She is creative, fun, sassy, and wildly passionate. She’s also a powerful badass when I need her. That girl doesn’t hesitate to share her truth. 

As I got older, my growing power scared my parent. They decided it needed to be tamed. A six-year-old with a wild soul is sweet a cute. A 14-year-old with a wild soul is a danger to herself, her family’s reputation, and society. 

In my teen years, the message to shut down my emotions and hide my truth became the forefront of our conversations. I was constantly discouraged from sharing my opinions. Outbursts of emotion stemming from feeling unseen and unheard were attributed to being hungry, tired, or PMSing. 

The only place my emotions were allowed was inside of me. BUT even there, I didn’t know how to unpack them, feel them or hold space for them. They grew bigger and bigger, so I stuffed them down further and further. This was the way. 

Disconnecting From Everything

All that bottled-up energy made my body a miserable place to be. Years of emotions were screaming to come out, but I did not know how to release them. So I left my body.

I trained 20 hours a week in the pool, fueled her with a mix of healthy and not-so-healthy foods, and turned off my connection to her. She was on her own. I even tuned out the physical pain of damaged disks in my back.

I entered my head – a space where my thoughts and emotions whirled around chotically without me having to feel them. Well… constantly pushing guilt, shame, unworthiness, and carrying on has a way of catching up with you. So I retreated further, removing myself from the emotional part of my brain.

What was left were logistics and data. I reduced my life to an A+B=C thought process. When that failed, I assumed there was something wrong with me. I suck. That’s why everything feels so icky. I carried on despite my suckingness. 

Crawling Out of the Darkness

One of my longtime clients, Schelli Whitehouse, says that building a business is one of the most rigorous forms of self-development a soul can embark on. SHITTTT, is she right or WHAT?? 

When I started Unbridled, I was still shut down and nummed out. I accidentally created a fake online persona (you may have done the same). Some parts of her were me, but others were based on who I thought I SHOULD be. My results were all over the place because of this incongruency.

I soon realized that my soulmate clients paid attention when I gave myself permission to be fully me and share my truth. BUT, when I tried to be like other marketing experts… crickets.

I was at a crossroads. If I wanted to build Unbridled into something that changes people’s lives and creates the freedom I desire, I needed to put my wild soul in the driver’s seat. Thus began my journey of crawling back to my true self. Rediscovering my truth and learning to feel safe while I share it with the world. 

This journey is FAR from over. I may be peeling back these layers and clearing crap away for the rest of my life. But, I’ve deep enough that I’m confident in my ability to help others on their journey back to truth.

a white piece of paper with "wild soul" written on it surrounded with sticks and bits of metal art

It’s Time to Step Forward


  • Your content isn’t landing with your soulmate clients
  • You’re uninspired or don’t know what to say
  • You feel numb to your results
  • You’re watering down your message to avoid affending people
  • You feel resistance every time you try to share your truth
  • Failure doesn’t feel safe in your business

You are disconnected from your truth! You’re not boring, unskilled, or a failure in any way. Your walls need to be lovingly torn down for you to step fully into your power.

Only you can crawl out of the shadows, awaken your magic, and allow it to flow forth from you. You must become your own safe space. Release shame, guilt, worry, and fear, and embrace your wild soul!

Your confidence, worthiness, and acceptance have to come from within. When you learn to love yourself regardless of how much money you make or what other people think, THEN you are ready to share your truth.

How would you show up differently in the world if you embraced your wild soul? What would you finally have the guts to say?

No, your content won’t always be well received. There will always be someone who misinterprets or villinizes your words. You may even trigger people who need but aren’t ready to hear your truth. Those people are not your soulmate clients (yet)! You are ONLY here for your soulmate clients!!

It’s not your job to be likable and protect everyone’s feelings. It’s your job to create a space for your soulmate clients to feel safe, seen, and heard. So be unapologetic in your work towards that goal! 

I will no longer silence myself for fear of being misunderstood or misinterpreted. If I unknowingly say something inappropriate or harmful, I will own that mistake, apologize, and do better in the future. That’s the best I can do, and it’s good enough. 

Will you join me?

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Thanks for reading, much love, Laura




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