How to Start a Blog For Your Horse Business

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Last week I gave you some tough love. I called you out on your excuses and told you why you need a blog. That might have been unfair because I didn’t provide you what you needed to get started. My apologies. I’m going to fix it. This blog post will teach you how to start a blog for your horse business.

A 15-Minute Challenge – Start a Blog For Your Horse Business

You are already off task if you are reading this post so you might as well get something out of it right? Do this exercise right now. Think of a broad topic that relates to your horse business. For example, “how to clicker train a horse.” That just became your topic for the four weeks. Now, think of four ways you can break that topic down into digestible pieces. Like This:
  1. 3 Steps to Start Clicker Training Your Horse
  2. How to Clicker Train Your Horse While Maintaining Respect
  3. 2 Things You Can Teach Your Horse Today Using a Clicker
  4. The Science Behind Clicker Training a Horse

The Right Topics

The more you interact with your audience, the more you will discover what they need from you. It might be something completely different than you initially anticipated so keep your eyes and ears open to feedback. Where will you find it? Any question someone asks you is a potential blog post topic. Any struggle you see your ideal expressing in their own content that relates to your business is another one. Pay attention to what your audience is doing and saying. Maybe someone posts a video with them and their horse, and you see them doing something dangerous. Don’t call them out and make them feel bad. Instead, re-create the scenario in a blog post or training video, explain why one should never put themselves in this dangerous situation and offer an alternative.

Time to Write Your Horse Business Blog

So, now you have your topics planned. Don’t make the mistake that so many horse professionals make. Don’t stuff that plan into a drawer or folder and never look at it again. Start writing! Write one today! Starting your blog can be a bit of an uphill battle. You need to find your groove, and that can take some time. It might take you two hours per post for your first month. But don’t give up! I can get my posts done in 30 minutes because I put in the work and practiced a ton until it started coming easily to me.

It’s Not All Tulips and Daisies

Do you know what I’m terrible at that you are not? Backing a horse trailer. I have only owned a truck for eight months. My horse passed away five months ago. I don’t suck at backing a horse trailer because I don’t have that ability. I suck at it because I have only had four months to practice. Does that stop me from doing it? Heck no! I look for any and all opportunities (preferably low-stress ones) to practice so that someday I can pull out of the driveway with my rig and not break a sweat. You have to do the same with your blog. Just start writing! Starting a blog is going to push you outside your comfort zone. It’s going to make your stomach squirm a little bit and make you feel uncomfortable. But imagine what it can do for you after a year of posting regularly. Maybe a brand you love will offer you a sponsorship. Perhaps you will get hundreds of visitors a day to your website, and you can set up ways to capture their emails and pitch them your products or services. If you need a little extra help starting a blog for your horse business check out my FREE Facebook Group, Must Love Horses Small Business Social Media and Content Tips. It provides support, feedback, and as always, some tough love when you need it.




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