My Top Secrets for Winning in Business

Have you ever met a soulpreneur who is unstoppable in their business? They do all the things day after day with a smile on their face. Challenges and hardships roll off their back, never keeping them down. How do they do that? What do those soulpreneurs have that you don’t? They have learned to play the game of business.

When we make business a game, it’s much easier to take risks and fail. It doesn’t feel so personal when things don’t work out the way we hoped.

Making business a game makes it easier to take risks and make mistakes.

What is The Game?

Think of the stereotypical businessman (white dude, cheap suit, massive ego). You’re probably rolling your eyes just thinking of him. BUT, this guy is more successful than you (even though your work is 100x more impactful) because he plays the game of business.

Some days he loses the game, and other days he wins, but either way, he’ll show up and play again tomorrow. He doesn’t let a lost deal send him into a doom spiral of self-doubt. He straightens his tie, wipes the sweat off his forehead, and gets back in there.

Now, cheap suit biz guy has some issues. He’s a hustler, has a garbage work-life balance, needs to work on his emotional intelligence, and is unlikable. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting becoming like him! However, we can learn something from everyone, even this guy.

My first business coach was cheap suit biz. He created a business called International Business Management. His marketing strategy was calling up big companies and asking to speak to the person in charge, introducing himself as “the CEO of IBM” (IBM like the HUGE tech company). By the time the person on the other end of the line realized they were talking to International Business Management instead of the real IBM, he was already halfway through his pitch.

He mostly got screamed at, cussed out, and hung up on, BUT he was unbothered. He’d just pick up the phone and dial another number. About 1% of the time, his strategy landed him a client, and he built a multi-six-figure business this way.

You shouldn’t be surprised that this coach and I parted ways early, but I gotta hand it to him. That dude plays the game hard. He doesn’t let failure, rejection, or the disapproval of others (including me) slow him down.

How Can You Play The Game?

What does playing the game of business look like for spiritual entrepreneurs who don’t want to hustle and trick their way to success?

  • Getting to know your soulmate clients so you can give them what they want (not what you think they need)
  • Learning to sell your offer with live launching, networking, masterclasses, or in-person events, no matter how uncomfortable these skills are to learn
  • Resting when you need to without guilt or shame
  • Prioritizing your impact over fear or limiting beliefs about selling, marketing, and technology
  • Bravely sharing your truth regardless of what others think or say
  • Trusting yourself to know what’s right for you and your business instead of blindly following the advice of a coach or program
  • Stepping forward and being seen so those who need you can find you


Learning to play the game of business means you don’t let fear, failure, or self-sabotage into the drives seat. 

When you make yourself small because of a bad experience in your business, you do a disservice to your clients, your business, your bank account, and yourself. You lose the game. 

Get to The Root

A HUGE part of playing the game of business is recognizing patterns and lovingly coaching yourself through them.

This starts with radical honesty. Are you not in the mood to go live on Instagram because you need rest, OR are you bumping up against a childhood wound that wants you to remain unseen?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. If you need rest, then rest. But, if you are bumping up against that childhood wound, you have to be brave enough to do the work to heal.  

Ask yourself – what would it take for me to feel safe going live on Instagram? Sit in stillness with that question. Allow yourself to feel what comes up physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Explore your options. Some things that might come to you are:

  • Working with your inner child to release the wounds of the past
  • Practicing what you want to say before you go live
  • Interviewing a guest expert instead of going live by yourself
  • Working with a coach to increase your self-confidence or speaking skills
  • Seeing a therapist to process anxiety or trauma
  • Asking a few friends to watch your live and show you some love to boost your confidence
  • Pre-recording videos until you get confident in front of the camera

These examples may or may not apply to you. The point is that when you play the game of business, you’re constantly looking inward for answers about WHY something is happening and how you can learn and grow.

 Ask yourself questions like:

That thing I tried didn’t work out. What would have been different if it had gone better? What do I need to do to learn, heal, or implement to make it better next time? Even though I didn’t get my desired outcome, what did go well? How can I celebrate my efforts while striving to get better next time? 

Playing the Game of Business Part 2

Okay, now that you know how to approach the game of business with s flexible mindset, it’s time to learn to set reasonable expectations. You don’t want to feel like you are losing when you’re actually winning!

Everyone wants the five-figure months, passive income, and 100s of people showing up to their events. But, most of you reading this blog are a Quantum leap (or two) away from getting there.

You can’t plan for a Quantum Leap. That’s not how it works! You plan for realistic growth while keeping your heart open to the possibility of a Quantum Leap.

So, what do reasonable expectations look like?

I’m in the process of launching my new business coaching program for spiritual CEOs. I currently have an audience of about 400 soulmate clients across Instagram and my email list. I’m inviting all these people to a free Masterclass What it Actually Takes to Make 2032 Your Year, which ends with an invitation to apply for the program.

I haven’t done a live event like this since 2021, so I have no idea what to expect. Since I don’t have any of my own numbers to compare this to, I have to use the industry standard.

That means I want about 3% of my audience to sign up for the masterclass. That’s 12 people (I’ve sent 2 emails and posted 2 reels, and posted on stories 2x and have 10 right now). If I’m lucky, ½ of those will actually attend (6).

From there, 1-2% will want business coaching. That’s 1 new client through my masterclass. According to the industry standard, this launch will be successful if I get 1 coaching client from it. 

I’m winning at the game of business if I get 1 client from this launch.

The Game of Business is FUN!

The final part of learning to play the game of business is remembering to have fun. Your business is YOUR creative expression. It’s your life’s work! There’s always going to be a bad day that throws you into a tailspin here or there, but the good days should outweigh the bad. If they don’t, it’s time to make some changes.

YOU are in control of YOUR business. So don’t tell me you can’t or shouldn’t when doing more of what you enjoy and less of what you don’t. If you wanted these things to be out of your control, you would go get a job.

If you are reading this blog, chances are pretty darn good you are not on the job market! If you don’t make the changes you want to see in your business so you can have fun and feel fulfilled… it’s never going to happen.

Find ways to have fun, and remember to laugh when you make mistakes! Keep it light. Don’t let your failures mean anything about you as a person. Embrace your perfectly imperfect self and allow yourself to learn and explore as you play the game of business.

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