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Invite your soulmate clients to jump into your world and get a taste of working with you!

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Mini-courses include:

  • Pre-Recorded Video Content
  • Masterclasses or Webinars
  • Live Group Sessions
  • Multi-Day Challenges
  • Meditations or Other Healing Medicine
  • Workbooks
  • And More!

You can turn anything you want into a mini-course. You can offer it for free or ask for a low-ticket investment. The possibilities are endless! 

Course Includes:

  1. What is a Mini-Course?
  2. Choosing Your Topic
  3. Outlining and Creating Your Content
  4. Launching 
  5. Next Steps and Making it Evergreen

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The Magic of Mini-Courses
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I help soulpreneurs create magnetic marketing content that packs a punch.

Your spiritual business has the power to change the world.

Me and my team are here to help you create content that makes your soulmate clients scream FUCK YES.

Our courses, coaching and services help you embody the energy of your brand and design a marketing strategy to match.

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