unbridled expression

learn to guide your soulmate clients from follower to customer

Think of the last 5 things you purchased

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You probably read the label, the tag, or the description before swiping your card. 

Imagine if that label or tag left you feeling confused. That uncertainty would likely stop you from completing the purchase. 

You can’t leave your soulmate clients with uncertainty. When they connect with you (online or offline), they should know EXACTLY what you offer and whether or not your service is a good fit. 

Welcome to Unbridled Expression. We’re going to make this happen for you.

let's build your custom marketing plan

Discovering Your Messaging Strategy

Download your messaging strategy straight from your spirit guides, so we always know what to say.

Creating Your Foundational Content

We create your marketing assets (or tweak existing ones) to ensure everything is aligned with your messaging strategy.

Developing Your Marketing Plan

We design a strategy to guide your soulmate clients from follower to customer


We turn it on, watch it go, and adjust as needed.

Throughout this process, we use a variety of modalities (Horse Guided Meditations & Chakra clearing, Reiki, Inner Child Work, Ancestral Healing, Oracle Cards, and more) to help you listen to your intuition and connect to your higher self.


“I have gained complete clarity as to what makes my program unlike any other. I have been inspired to put it on paper with the help of Laura Langfitt encouraging me to freely speak my truth. Thank you, Schelli Whitehouse and Laura Langfitt for helping me let go of fear, get out of my own way, and allow my authentic self to shine and be heard.”
"Having you on my shoulder saying, 'just get it done,' has been invaluable. I learned to put myself out there and get on with it instead of getting stuck trying to make sure everything is perfect." Last month we doubled our income, and the month before that, we doubled it again."
"The clarity that came out of everything is incredible. Now I have a funnel that invites people in, my message is clear, and I have all the emails and content supporting me in the background. I finally have a path laid out for my customer journey, and I feel like I can move forward. If you have a program, jump in with Laura. It will take you years to implement all of this on your own."
"A sales email sequence that has integrity and is authentic is necessary. I had been looking for the right energy and somebody that understood what I was doing. I invested with you because of your integrity and the way you build community, and that investment has already paid off. "
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unbridled expressions

here are the deets:
$ 3700
  • 24 Private Coaching Calls
  • 24 Accountability Check-Ins
  • Content review & edits
  • Unbridled Messaging Strategy
  • Embodiment and Energy Support
  • Launch Support
  • Sales Training and Support
  • Email Marketing Support
  • Social Media Support
  • Visibility Support
  • Tech Advice & Support