stop using coach talk!

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Market Research Questions Guide:

Do you have a deep desire to create content that makes your soulmate clients’ hearts pound with excitement?

The first step in achieving this goal is learning to speak your soulmate client’s language.

They don’t speak spiritual coach jargon.

When you talk about:

  • Alignment
  • Chakras
  • Energy Healing 
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Mindset Blocks
  • Akashic Records

Or whatever modality you use, they might not know what you are talking about or why your words matter.

Your marketing content needs to be SIMPLE. Your soulmate clients are at the beginning of their journey before they start working with you. They don’t talk the talk yet. 

So how can you ensure the right people know what you’re talking about in your content? Just talk to them! Ask them questions and learn how they speak about their struggles and desires. 

Download the market research (
a fancy way of saying talk to people) guide in the sidebar to help you get started.

hi! i'm laura

I help spiritual business owners learn to create content that makes their soulmate clients scream HELL YES! 

You shouldn’t be a best kept secret! Your soulmate clients need your magic. We have to get you out there in the world so they know you exist and that’s what I do.

Run back up to the top of the page and download the worksheet so you can reach more people with your magic.