My #1 Marketing Mindset Hack

Your marketing mindset can make or break your success. You gotta get comfortable with failure, you have to be willing to release patterns that don’t serve you, AND you can’t shove your head in the sand when it comes to your numbers! Marketing is a wildly creative ritual and a numbers game at the same time.

Learning to dance with those contrasts while feeling and releasing the energy they bring up within you are the keys to your success. 

Ready to dig into your marketing mindset? Let’s begin! I’m going to share my #1 marketing mindset hack with you in this post. When you hit post, publish, schedule, or send, feel into your body. What’s there? Excitement? Passion? Joy? Or is it fear, uncertainty, resistance, or overwhelm?

There is no right or wrong answer. Observe your current marketing mindset without assigning meaning to it. Does your nervous system SCREAM with resistance every time you try to create content? No worries! It happens!

Do you LOVE creating videos for your audience but feel a pit in your stomach every time you get to the end and have to invite people to work with you? You are SO NORMAL and that’s a very fixable issue. 

If marketing makes you feel excited and expansive take a moment and acknowledge how incredible that is! Feel into that energy every time you do your marketing things. Pay attention to how you can remain in that energy while you find your next edge and take your next bold moves.

My #1 Marketing Mindset Hack

My #1 marketing mindset hack is taking responsibility for your results. It’s not the algorithm’s fault. It’s not the coach or agency you outsourced your power to. It’s not even your followers, your soulmate clients, or the economy. YOU as the business owner are responsible for the results you are getting in your marketing.

If you don’t like those results, it’s time to do something about it. NOW this is a whole heck of a lot more complicated than just powering through and saying “dammit I’m gonna own my results and change them now!” 

Ready to dive in a little deeper?

Let’s Have a Talk With Your Ego

Our egos can be massive bullies when it comes to our marketing mindsets. When you beat yourself up over a post not performing how you want it to or a launch flopping, your ego is in the driver’s seat. ANNND The first stop on the ego-driven bus ride is comparison street. 

Who cares if SpiritualBossBabe825 (I made this person up) is making seven figures in her first six months? You have no idea what’s going on behind another spiritual coach’s Instagram feed. For all you know she is drowning in debt, her marriage is falling apart, or she secretly hates her business and feels totally trapped. 

Comparison street is a distraction. A safe place for your ego to drop you off and watch you get lost because if you are comparing yourself to everyone else you aren’t doing the very scary thing of going all in. 

If you go all in there are no excuses. No safety nets. No one to blame but yourself when things don’t work out and that is TERRIFYING to your ego so comparison street is a much better place to be.

By now you might be thinking “why does my ego have this need?” It’s different for everyone but I would guess that childhood trauma, unrealistic societal expectations, and generational wounding would have a lot to do with it. 

To put it simply, your nervous system is NOT okay with failure. Failure = imminent death. So your ego steps in and tries to stop you from making any big scary moves that could result in failure in an attempt to keep you alive. 

Are we having fun yet?

Redefining “Success”

Okay! Now we know that failure isn’t safe in our current marketing mindset. When your ego dropped you off on comparison street, it told you to look outside of yourself and your business to define success. 

What are other spiritual coaches making? How many followers do they have? How many comments and likes are their posts getting? Surely you should be doing at least as good as they are, yes? 

No! Success is not defined by anything outside of your business. Successful marketing looks wildly different for different businesses. If you are launching a program for the first time success may look like one person saying yes. 

If you are hosting your first ever live training success may look like 3 people (two of which are already your clients) showing up live and another two watching the recording. Sometimes success is doing the scary thing for the first time and learning from your mistakes. 

Many of the outcomes I just discussed may seem like failures to you. Social media and the online business industry have set you up to see these things as failures. I’m sorry for this reality! 

I PROMISE you they are not failures. They are the tiny successes that happen at the very beginning of each spiritual entrepreneur’s story. 

Some of them have been in it soo long they’ve forgotten how they started. Others experienced these successes in a different business and were able to grow their current one more efficiently. That doesn’t make your experience any less successful.

What Does Failure Look Like?

Because every spiritual entrepreneur’s journey is different I can’t tell you what failure looks like for you. But, I can tell you what to look out for so you can learn to identify it for yourself. 

For me, failure often looks like hiding. 

Hiding From: 

  • Reality (not looking at my metrics
  • Growth (not launching programs or making offers when I  know my soulmate clients need my help)
  • Visibility (posting boring fluff content instead of sharing my truth).  
  • My guides (not giving myself the space to channel content and recognize and release unhealthy patterns)
  • My next level (not taking bold moves, learning new skills, or pushing my edges)

The key to discovering what failure looks like to you is noticing when you are in a self-sabatauging pattern and recognizing where that pattern shows up in your business. 

Then set some reasonable boundaries for yourself to start reprogramming that pattern. I won’t say I’m failing if I don’t check the metrics on every piece of content I put out into the world. BUT, if I go 3 months without pulling a single report? That’s a problem. That’s slipping into failure for me. 

As you are redefining success and tackling your marketing mindset remind yourself that progress is never failure. Even if it’s not as much progress as you hoped for, baby steps towards your goals are always successes. 

You’re taking responsibility for your own results when you hold yourself accountable for respecting the boundaries you put in place for yourself.  For example, I will never again allow myself to go seven months without posting on my blog. Boundary set. Challenge accepted. Those results are in my hands. 

How to Look at Your Numbers:

A HUGE piece in taking responsibility for your results is knowing what your results are. How many people do you have to talk to before someone says yes to working with you? This is called a conversion rate in marketing talk. YOU HAVE to know this number!

Let’s look at a made-up example:

  1. Last month Spiritual_Coach_999 posted 12 Reels
    1. Her following grew by 50 followers last month
    2. She now has 1500 followers on insta
  2. 5 of those 12 reels invited her followers to book a discovery call about her new offer
  3. She hosted 3 calls with soulmate clients
  4. Two 2 of them signed up for the offer

What do we know based on this data?

  1. Spiritual_Coach_999 needs to post about her free discovery calls 1.67 times for every discovery call she wants to host (5 invitations/3 calls
  2. She can expect ⅔ of the people who book a discovery call with her to become clients (3 calls/2 clients)
  3. She gets 4 new followers every time she posts a reel (50 followers/12 reels)

Now let’s say Spiritual_Coach_999 wants to continue her growth rate of 50 new followers AND onboard 5 new clients next month. 

Things that should happen based on last month’s numbers but are out of her control (not a failure if they don’t happen)

  1. She needs to host 8 discovery calls if she wants 5 new clients (5 clients / (⅔) conversion rate)
  2. 5 of those 8 will become new clients (8 calls * ⅔ of discovery call participants)

What should she do? Things she can control (success = doing the thing)

  1. Spiritual_Coach_999 needs to post at least 12 reels (12 reels*4 followers per reel
  2. Spiritual_Coach_999 needs to invite her followers to book a discovery call 13 times (8 calls * 1.67 calls per post
    1. She will either need to post 13 reels or add that invitation to her stories as well. Her goal for new clients requires her to show up and extend more invitations than she ever has.

What Your Numbers Mean

There was some math gymnastics happening there (if you need help with that my marketing mindset workbook provides a plug-and-play calculator for you) but do you see how simple it is once you know your numbers?

In this case, If Spiritual_Coach_999 posts her 12 reels and extends her 13 invitations she can be completely confident that she’s doing everything within her power to reach her goal. Doing the thing is SUCCESS. 

If she does the thing and doesn’t reach her goal, that’s not failing! It’s information. She can look at different metrics to discover what needs to be worked on (messaging, reach, timing, etc) and try again next month. 

The KEY to this is not making the numbers mean anything. They are just data. Data is neither good nor bad. Showing up is good! Hiding is bad. Outside of that, everything is just tweaks and improvements. 

If you are hiding from your numbers you’ll never be able to drill down and discover where the wheels are coming off. Marketing is a creative process but it’s also a numbers game. Knowing your numbers is FREEING not constricting. 

What If You Aren’t Getting Any New Clients?

That’s SURELY scary deathly failure that should send you straight into a doom spiral of self-loathing and paralysis right? Like you can’t even run the numbers above because no one is booking calls or signing up with you?

No, no deathly failure at all! At this stage, you have one goal and one goal only. Your messaging. You’re going to look at your engagement instead of your conversions, and you are going to dive deep into the minds of your soulmate clients. 

What do they want? (notice I’m not saying “how do you help them?”) What are their fears? What are their dreams? What do they need to hear to feel super seen and heard? How can you help them have a better day with your posts? 

Test out content and messaging until your posts are regularly getting lots of engagement. That’s a sign that you’re on the right track. THEN you’re ready to look at your client conversion numbers.

Need help with this process? It’s what we do. Book a clarity call with us.

Get Back Out There!

As you started reading this post, your stomach may have dropped when I told you my #1 marketing mindset hack is taking responsibility for your results. I hope you are breathing a sigh of relief now that I’ve helped you redefine success and taught you how to look at your numbers.

Taking responsibility doesn’t mean you beat yourself up for not hitting every goal you make or that you push yourself beyond your limits. It means that you set reasonable goals based on your current numbers and take action towards meeting them. 

You understand that not everything is in your control so you take responsibility for what you can and release the rest. You’ve got this! I believe in you!

Before You Go

Grab my social media guide “10 Actions to Boost Your Engagement” 

It will help you learn how to connect with your audience on a deeper level so you can track your numbers like we discussed in this post. 

10 Actions to Boost Your Engagement




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