Get More Clients with a Content Strategy

A content strategy can bring in clients for your horse business by inspiring equestrians to take action to improve their relationship with their horse. With the right content strategy ideas, you will show your prospects how you can help them reach their horsemanship goals with your offer, making working with you the only logical choice. Want to learn how to create a content strategy for your equine biz? Read the blog! #contentstrategy #contentframework #horsebusiness Horse Business Owner! Are you paying attention to your content strategy? Are you looking at your analytics to decide what topics are working for you, and what you should skip in the future? Are you sharing personal stories? All of these things are a vital part of a content strategy for equine businesses. Read the blog to find out how to make your content work for you. #equinebusiness #socialmediacontent #socialmediastrategy #equestrian Do the words content strategy freak you out? Maybe you are way too busy working with your horses or clients to even imagine creating content as an equine entrepreneur. Perhaps you've tried it, and it just didn't work for you. The thing is, when you have the right content strategy framework in place for your business, you know what to post where and when, and you can get amazing results. Read the blog to learn how to create a content strategy. #contenttemplates #equinebusiness #equestrianblog As a horse trainer, you are super busy. Taking care of your horses, getting that saddle time in, AND running your business. Plus, now you have to post on social media. How will you find the time? You don't have to post every day. You need a killer content plan that shows your fantastic horse training skills off to the world. Read my blog to learn how to create a content plan that works for you. #contentplan #horsetrainer #equestrian #socialmediaplan

If you want to build an online audience for your horse business, you have to have a content strategy. Stop rolling your eyes and stick with me for a moment here. A good content plan isn’t something that rules your life. It’s a simple process that is easy to follow so you can consistently post content that your audience loves. 

With a content strategy for your business, you never have to have that feeling of “I don’t know what to talk about in my social media posts.” Once your content plan is in place, you should create in batches, so everything is set and scheduled at the beginning of the month. 

A Content Strategy Example

It’s time to define your content pillars. These are the big topics you will talk about again and again in your business. It’s really helpful to have a brand strategy that defines your goals and what you stand for. This will make your content pillars come easily to you. Mine are below to help spark some ideas. 

  1. Social media strategy
  2. Business Mindset
  3. Marketing Content
  4. Healthy entrepreneur lifestyle tips
  5. Rescue horses

Once you have your content pillars laid out, all you have to do is write 4 posts for each pillar, and you have a month of content written. Dig through your phone for a photo to go with each post, plop them into a scheduler, and BAM your content strategy just produced a month’s worth of social media posts.

The real magic here is the consistency that scheduling your social media in advance provides. I don’t have time to sit down every day and create a post for myself and neither do you!

When you schedule your social media posts in advance, you can engage with your following during those spare 10 minutes between clients. Make sure you are building true connections with your followers. That’s why you are putting content out there! 

If you want to build a following on social media, you have to have a plan behind your content. People should know what you stand for and see you regularly (you can post as little as 2 times a week. CONSISTNCY is important, (meaning 2 times a week every week of the year) QUANTITY is not. 

What Does This Look Like for an Equestrian Business?

My content strategy covers everything from my live videos in my Facebook Group to my Pins on Pinterest. I go live every Wednesday at 9 am, like clockwork. This is the only part of my content plan I can’t batch.

One time a month, I sit down and write blog posts (like this one) from my live videos, and I use the process outlined above for my social media posts. I create the pins and descriptions to go with them and hand everything over to my assistant to get it scheduled. 

I try to stay about a month ahead for all written content. That way, if some crazy life thing pops up, I have time to get back on track before I start missing posts. I say this ALL. THE. TIME. But I mean it! Consistency is the name of the game. You don’t have to post every day by any means, but you can’t have weeks where you don’t show up either. Staying consistent is the most important thing you can do. 

The Elements of a Good Content Plan

This is a LOT. I’m a content creator, so I naturally put out a lot of content. Maybe you can only create a blog OR a video, not both. Perhaps twice a month instead of once a week is a better schedule for you, and that’s completely okay. The important part is that you have a good content plan that works for you. 

A good content plan meets the following qualifications: 

  1. You can stick with it even when life is at it’s craziest
  2. You don’t dread creating the contnet, or showing up on the social media platforms you use
  3. It shows your face, and who you are as a person A LOT
  4. It provides your audience with binge-able content (written, video OR audio) that inspires them to make a change by working with you

Creating content is exciting! Your content should attract clients by presenting you as a lovable expert who can help people reach their goals. If you don’t get ridiculously excited and inspired while creating your content, how can you expect your ideal client to love reading it?

If you are struggling to build an online community of people that can’t wait to become your client, The first thing I would have you do is implement a content strategy. Without one, your posts won’t have any direction, and your followers won’t be sure why you do what you do and how you can help them. Your posts must have a purpose, tell a story, and motivate your audience.

Remember, you can’t build a TRUE AUTHENTIC community overnight, and true authentic communities are the only ones that grow your business. Don’t get discouraged if your content plan isn’t an instant success. Pay attention to the posts that got the most attention (probably a pic of your dog or something else that has nothing to do with your business. That’s because people want to get to know YOU) and post more content like that. Stick to it! 

One year ago, I had zip zilch nada in terms of my online audience. I implemented a content plan and stuck to it. Now I have a podcast with nearly 1000 listens, a Facebook Group with over 500 members, and an Instagram following of about 1500 horse business owners. I get clients from Facebook and Instagram all the time!

Get More Clients with a Content Strategy




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