Multi-Passionate or Operating From Scarcity?

You’ve probably heard that it’s best to focus on one thing until you get it right and then move on to the next. Coaches and experts constantly warn people not to let their multi-passionate tendencies get in their way.

I call bullshit. I spent my first years in business trying to stay in that lane, squashing brilliant ideas and stopping myself from starting projects that lit my soul up in the interest of staying focused, and guess what? Here I am two years later, wondering why it took me so long to start doing all this stuff that I love!

This blog post is stemming from a conversation with Katelyn Buchwald. I had a human design session with her, and it was so dang good! I am a multi-passionate person who needs to feel lit the F up in her work. Squashing my ideas and staying in my lane leaves me frustrated and out of alignment with myself. 

Where I realized I am still struggling with this is in my coaching. I coach my clients to stay in their lane, and it doesn’t feel great not to practice what I preach. So how can I navigate this challenge? The conversation with Katelyn helped me realize that I need to help my clients explore why they are called to be multi-passionate and go from there.

What’s Your Reason for Being Multi-Passionate?

We do it all here at Unbridled Content Marketing. Coaching, programs, projects, courses. If you need it, we offer it in multiple forms. So, what’s our intent in doing this?

  1. Budget – We don’t believe in jeopardizing your mortgage payment to get the support you need. However, we also don’t believe in offering 1:1 services at a price that leaves us feeling undervalued. Our courses and coaching offerings allow us to support you in a budget-friendly way that feels good all around.
  2. Programs – So many people come to us overwhelmed with their marketing. They want to start from scratch and build something with intent that works with them instead of against them. Magical Marketing Plan is designed to do just that.
  3. Projects – Sometimes, spiritual entrepreneurs already have a functioning marketing plan, and we don’t believe in fixing what isn’t broken! They want to add email marketing, start a blog, or need an email sequence for their next launch. We offer project-based work for these instances. 

Our offer suite was not born on a whim, and it doesn’t change with every new trend we discover. The reasons behind our extensive offerings are to support our clients in the best way possible while igniting our passions and doing what we love. That’s a great reason to be Multi-Passionate.

If you are relating with my words right now, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you love all of these things you’re doing deeply in your soul? 
  2. Are you throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it will stick? 

If you said yes to 1 that’s your green light to go full steam ahead. If you said yes to 2… we need to dive in deeper.

A spiritual business owner cupping her hands around a warm mug of coffee.

Scarcity and Chaos

If you said yes to number two in the section above, be gentle with yourself. We’ve all been there at some point. It’s easy to see someone successfully implementing the latest marketing trend (remember the Tiny offer?) and want to jump on the bandwagon. 

Before you do, you have to ask yourself,What am I giving up to implement this new thing?” If you consistently show up on Instagram stories and get sales, I do not recommend sacrificing that to try something new. 

On the other hand, if you have the energy, money (to outsource), or time to keep doing what you always do on Instagram AND build a workshop or start a blog that you are super fired up about, do the thing! 

Only you know for sure if you are operating from scarcity (I have to do this because it seems like other people are doing it and they are successful) or passion (I want to do this because it lights me up, and it’s going to serve my audience in a new way). When you learn to discern the difference between the two, you can let your multi-passionate self-fly. 

Other Areas This Shows Up

Starting a Second Business – Born from the depths of your soul or the echo of your empty bank account? I have a homesteading blog. I post when I want, no pressure when I don’t. If I were building a six-figure blog alongside running UCM, both would be in disrepair.

Being on all the Social Platforms – Creating incredible connections everywhere or just blasting out content? Each social platform is wildly different. It doesn’t work to cross-post everywhere and hope for the best. It works to optimize across platforms, but you also have to show up as the human behind the content and build that sense of community.  

Applying for That Job You Saw – Helping you build your dream life or allowing you to slip back into a past version of yourself? What if you spent the same amount of time engaging with your soulmate clients and promoting your offer that you do looking at job listings in a panic? 

Taking on a Non-Soulmate Client – Exploring a new niche that you just might love or just trying to pay the bills? There is a difference between needing to pay the bills (if I don’t sign this client, I can’t pay the mortgage this month) and being afraid (if I don’t sign this client, my savings will take a hit when I pay my VA). Teach your body to know the difference, and you will feel so free! If you have to pay the mortgage, take on the client and serve them with all you have. 

Being a Guest on Blogs & Podcasts– Connecting with an audience of your soulmate clients or hoping someone finally notices you? It takes a lot of time and energy to be featured as a guest somewhere. Make sure you are intentional about the ones you accept. 

Dive Deep and Analyze

Next time you have an amazing idea to try something new in your life and your business, check in. Where is it coming from? If you are ready to let your multi-passionate creativity fly – go forth and do it! But, if it’s yet another attempt at success while avoiding the deep work you know you need to do… step away.

Multi-Passionate or Operating From Scarcity?




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