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Pinterest is a powerful search engine that can drive traffic to your website and increase your sales. It is completely automatable so you can set it up and let it run. However, it’s crucial that you optimize your Pinterest Profile. If you don’t, you can still drive traffic to your website, but it might not be the right traffic, so you won’t see the traffic converting into sales. By learning how to optimize your Pinterest profile, you can attract your ideal client and drive them your website to pitch them a deal.

The first step in optimizing your Pinterest profile is using your name (not your business name) and your face (not your business logo). People on Pinterest want to connect with a human, so be you! You can promote the heck out of your business, products, or services but make sure to show up as yourself.

There will probably be some extra space left over in the name section after you put in your name (unless of course, you have an Arabian horse style name like Marwan Al Shaqab’s Little Misty Fancy Feet) you can use that space to add in your business’s name or a phrase about what you do. See mine as an example below:

Pinterest Profile Optimization

Notice the description in my profile? That is your next task. Write a few sentences that identify your ideal customer (equine businesses for me) and explain what you do. Again, remember that Pinterest is a search engine so if you can sneak in a few keywords here that is a plus. The last step in setting up your profile is linking your account.

Board Optimization

Now that your profile is optimized you need to optimize your boards as well. Each board should speak to your ideal customer. It does not have to be all business. My ideal customer might find me through a beautiful horse image, training tips, natural horse care tips, or a DIY tack project, but once they find me, they will see that I offer business tips as well and those will lead them to my website. 

A huge part of getting found by your ideal customer is naming your boards using keywords. So, think of a word or phrase that your ideal customer would search for. Then name your board using that word or phrase. Then think of two or three other terms that will describe the board and use that in a 2-3 sentence description. You never want to keyword stuff a Pinterest board, make sure it will make sense to a human as they read it, but incorporate as many keywords as you can in the process.

Optimizing your boards and your profile only takes a few minutes, and it sets your account up to be found in search by your ideal customers. Don’t skip this step in your Pinterest setup. It will cost you money in the long run.




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