Are you ready to be fully expressed and seen?

To OWN your presence with confidence and stand in your power?

To SHOW UP for your soulmate clients instead of sharing watered-down content to keep the haters happy?

you know

Your message and offers have the power to change the world.

It’s safe to be seen.

It’s safe to be unliked by ppl who don’t “get it.”

Your lived experience has given you everything you need to be of service to the people you serve. 

It’s time to show up for them.

Your soulmate clients are out there… waiting for you.

It's Time to Own Your Impact

Own Your Impact is for the spiritual entrepreneur willing to do WHATEVER it takes to succeed… but seeking long-term ease and flow.

What does this mean? It means you don’t say “I want to make $5k while frolicking in the forest today” and get discouraged and give up when it doesn’t happen.

Instead, you set your sights on that $5k from the forest and do the dang work (in mind, body, spirit, AND business) to claim it as your own.

You’re ready to learn how to create content that makes your soulmate clients scream F@&# YES!

What would happen if you just did the work?

Hitting publish unapologetically without giving AF about perfect content.

Allowing your inner knowing guide you towards YOUR perfect marketing strategy (instead of copying ppl you compare yourself to). 

This is NOT 

Posting every day for 30 days or 60 days and then giving up when you don’t go viral immediately.

Doing the work is:

  • Taking an honest look at your energy and your lifestyle and choosing a level of consistency that works for you long term 
  • Showing up even when it seems like no one is listening
  • Listening to spiritual guidance as you work towards your dreams
  • Digging into your analytics and discovering what’s working and what isn’t
  • Committing to your vision and allowing your business to evolve with you

This is what we do in Own Your Impact.

The course is the perfect balance of masculine strategy and feminine flow. Each module walks you through meditation and inner work and then guides you as you implement a piece of your marketing plan.

learn to

Release what isn’t working and lean into alignment.

Build a strong marketing foundation (no building your house on borrowed land!)

Implement the best practices for your marketing strategy (so you can trust you are doing it right). 

Create a sustainable strategy that supports your energy, business, and lifestyle.

Show up with intention (analyze results, tweak messaging, and make changes over time).  

Course Deets:

Create & implement a kickass marketing strategy in 12 weeks. One that you have complete trust in and can nurture for years to come.

What’s the investment? Pay what you can. Choices range from $155-$777 depending on your situation.

When does it start? This is a self-study course. Get started as soon as you enroll!

Do I get any support? YES, you’ll get access to a Facebook Group with your fellow Impacters where you can ask questions, get feedback, and ask for accountability. 

What happens if you purchase the course and realize it’s not for you? Contact us via email ( within two business days, and we’ll give you a full refund.

hear from our graduates:

Amanda doubled her sales, month over month for 3 months in a row (video story below

Stacie got 3 new clients in her first week

Sarah found the motivation to re-start her blog

Kim FINALLY launched her program

Maureen TRIPLED her business (video story below)

what happens after 12 weeks?

It’s up to you! At the end of the 12 weeks, you’re ready to start the repetitive rituals of your marketing plan – creating content for social media, sending weekly emails, and nurturing your audience however you want.

If you want to stick around and keep learning with your fellow Impacters, you can remain in the Own Your Impact membership ($57 monthly). You’ll get access to my entire training library to help you with your repetitive rituals and future launches.

You can cancel the membership anytime.

If you’re ready to strike out on your own, that’s fine too! We’ll remove you from the Facebook community, but you get lifetime access to the course content, and we’ll keep cheering for you. 

"Laura is terrific at giving REAL solutions and usable information! She gives you the true 'do it yourself' instruction, tips that work, valuable information on what does or does not work on social platforms, honest feedback and soooo much more!! If your words don't resonate, contact Laura and save yourself weeks of work! 💪"


YES! We sure will. A huge mistake I see so many entrepreneurs making is growing their social media presence before they have a strong foundation (clear messaging, intent, and email marketing in place). This leads to building an audience of the wrong people OR lost income. That’s why we lay the foundation in the course and then dive into using individual strategies in the mastermind.

Yes – you have to have email marketing. You can say whatever you wish in the emails, but remember, you don’t own your social media followers or YouTube/Podcast/Blog subscribers. You DO own your list. It’s like a bank account. It’s the only non-negotiable in marketing.

Yes again – You can’t force yourself to implement a strategy that feels like poo… AND you can’t break the rules of whatever platform you choose to use. This means no cold emails with mass email software, no engagement bots on Instagram or Facebook, and no purchasing followers or subscribers for ANY platform!

I provide TONS of guidance throughout the course — step by step instructions, content outlines, the works. You can follow along as closely as you like as long as that feels like an energetic match for you. The course is designed to give you as much guidance as you need while also giving you the permission to stray whenever your intuition suggests something different.

If you struggle to know what to write or what to say, we help you with that in the course. If you really just hate the act of creating content, it’s best to outsource this part of your business or create a business that requires very little content instead of trying to make yourself do something that is out of alignment.

Nope! There are tons of wildly successful businesses out there without much of a social media presence. Own Your Impact walks you through your options, and you may discover one you like, but if you don’t, you can skip that content and focus on creating long-form content and growing your email list instead.

Absolutely not. While extremely valuable for your business, creating long-form content is a huge commitment and something you should be excited about doing. If you are, we’re here to help! If you aren’t, you can focus on email and/or social media and skip everything else.

Disliking to sit in stillness does not make you any less of a spiritual business owner or spiritual person! I don’t like it much either, I’ve discovered automatic writing and that REALLY works well for me. Each course module includes a guided meditation, AND journaling/automatic writing prompts. I teach you how to use automatic writing under “getting started” so you can explore a new modality if you wish.

hi! i’m laura

Owner of Unbridled Content Marketing

For my first two years in business, I put SO much pressure on myself to do it all and be it all – Blogging, Growing a Facebook Group, Instagram, Email Marketing, Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Live Video, YouTube.

I held this ridiculous limiting belief that if I didn’t rock at doing it all, no one would want to work with me.

All the while, I coached my clients to simply do the things they loved and let the rest go.

News flash, my clients had a lot more success than I did. They weren’t burnt out, overwhelmed, and spreading their efforts impossibly thin. EVERYTHING CHANGED when I learned to release the crazy expectations I had on myself and tune into what I truly loved.

I want to help you do the same.

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