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How to plan your content for 2021 originally appeared in 2018. It’s the first blog post I ever posted. I still remember proudly hitting publish, sharing my infinite marketing wisdom with the world for the first time (I hope you are getting my sarcasm here). 

Now, years later, I’m cleaning up my content. While my social media sites get to go down in history, the good, the bad, and the ugly, I want to make sure everything that lives on my website is current. It’s all advice I would still give today. 

So let’s dive in, shall we? 

Let's Plan your content for 2021

Content Strategy for Equine Businesses

Content Strategy Framework

Content Plan for Business

Content Strategy Process

What does a content plan look like in 2021? Content calendars are dead. Batching months ahead is tone def, and covering the generic topics of your industry without some serious intention behind them will grow a pretty impressive audience of your competitors, but won’t do much for your soulmate clients. 

The bottom line? If your content isn’t actively setting you apart from the masses, it’s better not to put out anything at all.

People are tired of the BS. They don’t want to be manipulated or bullied or scared into doing business with you. They want to know how you can help them, the result they can expect, and that you care about them as human beings. 

What a time to be alive, spiritual business owner!

My horse guides are cheering you on. You are free to share your heart and your soul. There has never been a better time to take a risk and share what’s on your heart because that’s the only thing the world truly wants to hear from you.

Making your 2021 content plan searchable

Content Strategy for Equine Businesses

Content Strategy Framework

Content Plan for Business

Content Strategy Process

Ideally, every business has at least one type of long-form content. The type that allows you to build a searchable library that attracts people and impacts their lives in some way. 

For example, this blog aims to show spiritual entrepreneurs that they are free to share their truth, whatever that may be. You don’t have to follow someone’s exact formula, post generic content, or fit into a certain mold just because you are a life coach or a business coach, or a horse trainer. 

You are free to do you, whatever your heart calls you to do and I hope you find the inspiration, freedom, and knowledge to do whatever that is here. 

What overall impact do you want your content to have?

This is something you should spend some time thinking about. The more intentional you are about it, the more powerful your impact will be. 

When I mentioned “long-form content” above I meant:

  1. A Blog
  2. A Podcast
  3. A YouTube Channel

Again, pick one, make it awesome, and when you are ready to expand, hire someone (🙋🏽‍♀️) to create the others for you. 

I picked these three above email marketing. IGTVs or Facebook Lives because they are SEO powerhouses. Meaning if you do it right and stick with it long enough, your content will show up when people search for the topics you cover. 

They then subscribe, perhaps follow you on social media or join your email list, and before you know it, Google is growing your audience for you. 

This is a long game—plan to show up consistently for the next ten years. Two years from now, you’ll probably be amazed by your progress!

Consistency looks different to everyone. For some, it’s once a week. For others, it’s once a month. You have to do what works for you! Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to create more content to be successful. 

Remember, if you aren’t feeling inspired, it’s better to create nothing at all than it is to force it. Relax, find your groove, and create when the inspiration comes. 

Sometimes I’m feeling the flow, and I can spend all day writing incredible blog posts one after another. I let this happen so that when the tables turn (usually during a new moon) and just replying to emails feels like the hardest thing in the world, I can relax knowing my blog content is scheduled, and I can maintain my goal of one post per month. 

I’m not a routine person. At all. I HATE routine. I like to go where the pull of Mother Earth and Father Sun take me each day. 

If you are more Type A, and feel safe and in control when maintaining a routine, try setting aside time in your calendar each month or each week to create your long-form content. Make it a party! Have a blast! I can’t wait to see what you create. 

You get to experiment and play and find what works best for you. There are no right or wrong answers as long as you are intentional, keep your despised impact in mind, and find your version of consistency and stick to it. 


Content Strategy for Equine Businesses

Content Strategy Framework

Content Plan for Business

Content Strategy Process

Every spiritual business needs an email list. Read my words NEEDS. There are very few things I say you have to do in your marketing and this is one of them. You can read all about why in a future post, but right now I want to talk about how frequently you send emails and the content you email out. 

I try to email my list once a week. In true routine resistant form, I’m better at this some weeks than others, but that’s my goal. Again, yours could be once a week or once a month but it’s best if your list members can expect some kind of a schedule from you. 

Newsletter style emails with a lot of design and options for the reader to choose from don’t convert as highly as simple, from the heart, single goal emails. 

This is one of those things that you get to take or leave based on your individual situation. If you’ve been sending beautifully designed newsletter-style emails for years and your audience loves them, expects them, and they regularly convert for you, then don’t fix what isn’t broken! 

On the other hand, if you struggle with design, find that no one is reading those emails, or are just starting out, try a normal black and white text email and see how that works for you. 

What should you say to these people? Your email list is where you can get really deep with your community. Share your story, inspire them to live differently, change their mindsets, and want more. 

This is where you can really share what’s on your heart and build strong relationships with the people who read your words.

Let’s Get Social

Content Strategy for Equine Businesses

Content Strategy Framework

Content Plan for Business

Content Strategy Process

Now that you have your long-form content and your email marketing figured out, it’s time to get social. Please, for the love of whoever you pray to, don’t try to be in all the places until you are ready to hire help!

Think about the type of content you enjoy creating. Love beautiful photography and storytelling? Try Instagram. Think recording short videos is a ton of fun? TikTok is for you. Want to run ads and have a decent budget to get you going? Facebook Page time. 

Pick 1-2 social media platforms and start building a community there. Help people, serve them by inspiring, motivating, and educating them. Show up consistently, as often as you can. Remember this is a 5-10 year game. Don’t expect overnight success. Saddle up for the long term and enjoy the ride!

Learn the best practices for the platform and apply them to your content. It doesn’t matter if you have 5 or 5 million followers. If you are intentional with your content and show up with service on your heart, you will have an incredible impact. 

Hopefully this post gave you some ideas and inspired you to show up for your audience in a new way. 

To sum up your intentional content plan, you need:

  1. A platform for searchable long form content
  2. An email list
  3. A social media platform where your community will hang out
  4. A message to share that will inspire them and leave them wanting more for themselves

If you are still struggling with what you will say, or how you will share your story download the worksheet attached to this blog. It will help you organize your thoughts as you create your content strategy.

Content Strategy for Equine Businesses

Content Strategy Framework

Content Plan for Business

Content Strategy Process

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Before you go….

Intentional Content Strategy Worksheet




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