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Subject: How to recognize self-sabotaging behavior

Hi First Name,

As you dive deeper into serving your audience and discovering their needs, you may find yourself unable to meet them. Not because you don’t have the skills or the knowledge, but because you are self-sabotaging due to a pesky limiting belief. 

I’m not here to point fingers or play the blame game. I’m the QUEEN of self-sabotaging behavior. I spent most of Q3 of 2020 scrolling on FB in a mindless haze instead of growing Unbridled Content Marketing. 

As the collective either ran from social media or used it as a tool to spread hate and division, I developed the limiting belief that I didn’t know what I was doing. Instead of taking the opportunity to create a sanctuary of positivity and love for my community (something higher-self Laura would have JUMPED at the chance to do), I used the excuse of a move to justify hiding away for months. 

I didn’t have the energy or the words to help myself, never mind anyone else. Instead of doing my shadow work and facing those limiting beliefs like I would coach ANYONE in that position to do, I hid and told myself I was a loser and watched my business fail to grow month after month. 

So what changed? My horse guides took care of me as always. Enter Nugget, a 2 yr old Thoroughbred who lives at the Barnyard Animal Rescue Nest. Nugget wants me to be her mom, and it is SUCH an honor. She follows me everywhere, she does everything I ask, and she gives the BEST hugs (even if she has to follow me around the pasture for an hour before I realize I need one).  

If I want to be Nugget’s mom, I gotta keep growing Unbridled Content Marketing, and I can’t let my limiting beliefs get in the way of showing up for you guys. PLUS, neither Nugget nor MJ (the horse I already have) would be happy to know I could be helping you, but I’m too busy standing in my own way. So I re-invested with my coach, I’m doing the healing work I need to do, and it feels SO GOOD to be back here with you again. 

This email is your reminder that everyone experiences ups and downs in their business. If you are self-sabotaging and can’t get out of your own way, it’s time to ask for help. Maybe that’s outsourcing tasks you don’t enjoy, working with a business coach, or going to therapy. The only wrong answer is doing nothing. 

With Love From The Herd, 


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Subject: A deeper connection is possible 

Welcome! I’m excited to be a part of your horsemanship journey. My name is  Cindy Hartzell; I teach women to build heart soul connections with their horses.

If you want a better partnership with your horse, you have to put in the work to build a deeper connection.

Think of the moments you witness between horses and humans that you wish you could experience:

  • A horse running across their pasture to meet their human at the gate
  • A horse that checks in with their human when they need reassurance
  • A horse that is willing to engage with you in the arena and on the trail
  • A horse that loves you

These moments are all possible, and I’m thrilled you are here so I can show you the way.

When I’m not working with clients, you can usually find me on the trail with my mare, Dakota. I’m constantly working on building a deeper relationship with her and learning alongside you as a fellow horsewoman.

Talk to you later,


P.S. I hope the Intro to Groundwork course was helpful. Did it leave you with any questions? I’m always here to help if you get stuck.

Subject: You are in control

Hi First Name,

Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling lighter. Like the world has been lifted off your shoulders. You are no longer living your life for others but instead creating a life that you love.

-> You look forward to what the day has to offer instead of dreading what you have to face.

-> You are free to do what you choose instead of what is demanded of you.

->Spending time with your loved ones or at work no longer feels like a chore. It fuels your passion and fills your cup with love.

This reality is possible for anyone who reaches for it.

So often, we can’t see past our own struggles because they feel so big, it seems like they will never go away. I spent YEARS burying myself in my work with horses because I found it difficult to impossible working with people. Every time I tried to have a relationship with people, it would erupt my life into total chaos.

I’m living proof that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s up to you to decide when enough is enough but when you decide that, my horses and I are here to help you develop the communication skills you need to get your life back on track.

Until next time,


P.S. You are welcome to book a Discovery Call anytime you wish. There is no obligation and you can start feeling lighter immediately.

Subject: I know wha it’s like to not feel good enough

Hi First Name,

In 2017 and 2019, I had two severe wrecks with my heart horse. They were completely unexpected, and from my point of view, should not have happened.

They were accidents that I teach people how to prevent, but they still happened to me. The emotional trauma of “I should have known better, I have no right to be teaching, and I can’t trust my heart horse anymore” consumed me.

I replayed the accidents over and over in my mind looking for the signals I missed. Unable to find an explanation, I lost my confidence as a trainer. My colleagues told me to fake it until I made it, but it didn’t work no matter how hard I tried.

Until the accidents, I had the utmost trust in this horse. Afterward, I blamed him. I didn’t want anything to do with him, but he didn’t understand why. He was as depressed as I was.

I made myself go out and sit in his shelter. He came out and joined me, but I didn’t want him anywhere near me. I sat there and felt all the fear, shame, guilt, and frustration bubble up and come out with my tears.

He kept getting closer and closer until he had his head on my chest. When I looked at him, I saw he had tears in his eyes too. At that moment, I realized the accidents were no more his fault than mine. They just happened.

Three years later, he was diagnosed with a brain stem lesion. His behavior never had anything to do with me or my training. It was a medical problem all along.

If you are telling yourself you’ll never be good enough, or your horse’s problems are your fault, I get it, and I’ve been there too, but I want to help you out of this darkness.

You owe it to yourself and your horse to re-write this story, and you are not alone. If it feels right, book a discovery call below so I can help you figure out your next steps.

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Talk to you later,


Subject: Do people notice your magic? 

Hi [First Name],

Do you ever feel like if people could just see you for who you truly are, you would have no problem filling your programs with soulmate clients?

If people could just understand how significantly you could impact their lives, they would be flocking to you in droves?

I have some news for you.

It’s your job to help them see who you truly are. 

It’s your responsibility to show them how significantly you could impact their lives. 

That’s exactly what we are doing in my mini-course on Mon, Tue & Wed of next week.

Sign up below so you can learn how to show the world how awesome you truly are. 

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With love from the herd,





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