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Heart Soul Confident Based Horsemanship Intuitive Healing Page

Heart Soul Confidence-Based Horsemanship is a journey of becoming, and I’m here to support you every step of the way. Bringing spiritual intelligence into your horsemanship is infinitely powerful. It allows you to behave with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the situation.

Can you imagine a better way to show up for your horse?

As you bring awareness to the spiritual aspect of your horsemanship journey, things may come up that require healing, and I don’t want you to feel like you have to face them alone (and I don’t want you to remain stuck either!)

Whether it’s you, your horse, or your partnership that needs some love, I have various modalities that can help. Browse my offerings below. If you have questions about which one is right for you, send me an email.

Jess Little Photography My Style Page

My photography style focuses on your relationship. I work to blend in with the scene, encouraging authentic expressions and comfortable body language from you.

I am here to retell your story visually, not orchestrate you into different poses.

Enormous time, effort, and energy goes into designing your wedding. I’ll capture those details for your memories. Your wedding photos will be a true expression of everything that happened on your day. 

Our time together will reflect the energy of your relationship. Some couples laugh, joke, and move around wildly. Others are quiet and intimate, staying still and enjoying private moments with just the two of them. 

Personality truly shines in images, and the more you are relaxed and able to be yourself, the better.

Social Pop Co. About Page

There’s nothing worse than a bad IG feed, that’s why our CEO Jelisa Varnado created Social Pop Co. After watching countless wellness professionals struggle to build their Instagram presence using cookie cutter advice from self proclaimed social media “gurus” she knew she was needed. 

You deserve better than generic social media management, we’ll create a uniquely branded instagram experience for your beautify business. Our team knows the industry and are experts in using your vibe to find your tribe.

Looks Are Everything

When someone lands on your Instagram profile, they should see a consistent and cohesive brand. If they see a hot mess instead, they’ll go elsewhere. 

Your people are waiting. Let’s create the perfect visual brand for you today so you can share your message and make the world a healthier, more beautiful place.

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Grab the mini training to learn how to be your own Instagram manager.

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Cornerstone REHL About Page

A Family-Friendly Experience From Ours To Yours. 

We are Joel, Maggie, and Carmon, the family behind Cornerstone REHL Inc. Carmon immigrated to the United States as a teen and after completing high school (and working as a caretaker for her sponsor at the same time) she began the process of becoming a Real Estate Agent. 

Carmon wanted to help people above all else. In the early years of her career, she wasn’t happy with the way the industry treated its customers. Rushing them through the process to close the deal didn’t feel right or align with her values.

Joel (Carmon’s son) experienced the same feelings as he began his career on the lending side. Convinced there was a better way to buy, sell, and finance homes, we built Cornerstone, setting out on a mission to unite real estate and home loans into a single journey: one simple process to help your family find a home. 

Why Cornerstone?

In our 17 Years of Business We’ve:

  • Helped 867 families find and purchase their first home
  • Sold homes for 1,154 families
  • Found and funded move-up houses for 287 families
  • Assisted 292 families with refinances to make life a little easier

Our family is standing by to help yours find the home of your dreams. 

Heart Soul Confidence Based Horsemanship Clinics Page

My clinics help you create a deeper heart and soul connection with your horse by increasing your skillset, improving your communication, and providing a space for you to explore and overcome your fears.

There is no pressure for you to be a perfect horsewoman at my clinics.  I’ll never tear you down or say horrible things about your riding or your horse. Instead, we’ll have fun, learn new things together, and explore unique solutions to your horsemanship problems.

Our clinics cover various topics from groundwork to trail riding to coming back after a traumatic experience with your horse.

Whatever it is you are struggling with, I want to help you and your horse grow together and meet your goals.

Browse our upcoming clinics below. If you have any questions about whether a clinic is a good fit for you, send me an email.

Coach Jess Little Mentoring Page

As a professional photographer you get to make art out of life as you see it. Self- employment (when done right) comes with the freedom to live your days as you wish.

It’s not an easy path. With so much to learn, you will undoubtedly have moments that leave you feeling lost, confused, and deflated.

I’ve spent the last decade building a profitable business. The experience  leaves me with so much to share with you.

Becoming a profitable artist is a culmination of excellence in many areas. As entrepreneurs, we are required to wear many hats.

My mentoring sessions are customized to focus on the areas of your business that need some help. You simply choose what we focus on, and let me know ahead of time so we can maximize our time together!

Nothing is off limits during my mentoring sessions. I want you to feel like you’re sitting down with the most helpful friend. I’ll be your sounding board and provide you with tangible advice to help push your business to the next level. No BS, No fluff! Real advice and help.




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