Ready to overhaul your marketing plan (or build it from the ground up)? Our programs are designed for you! We offer done for you, done with you, and DIY options to provide you support that fits within your budget.

magical marketing plan

Work with us 1:1 to create a magical marketing plan that guides your soulmate clients from follower to customer. 

This program is 100% customizable.

Typical Deliverables include: 

  • Magnetic Messaging Strategy
  • Freebie & Landing Page
  • Sales Page
  • Email Welcome Sequence
  • Email Sales Sequence
  • Up to 24 Social Media Posts
  • Up to 4 Blog Posts, Podcast Outlines, or Video Scripts
An oracle card, tarot card, candle, and selenite crystal on a black desk. Ready for a magical marketing plan session with a client.

own your impact

Course & Membership Open For Enrollment Now 


  1. Discover your soulmate client 
  2. Do the spiritual and mindset work to own your impact
  3. Create a custom marketing plan 
  4. Implement that thing
  5. Show up consistently with support from the Own Your Impact Collective
  6. Grow your business and change the world

soulful messaging academy

The keys to a wildly successful spiritual business are clarity and connection. If you have NO IDEA what to say to your soulmate clients and you struggle to connect with them online, you’re in the right place. 

Be one of ten spiritual business owners to discover your truth, create a soulful messaging strategy, and implement an aligned marketing plan. 

Pre-requisite: Completion of Own Your Impact 12-Week Course OR Application call.

Enrollment Closed Until 2023

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