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Facebook groups are an incredible way to build a community of soulmate clients. This course teaches you how that's done.

facebook groups 101
Are You an Introverted Entrepreneur? 

Social media can be hard if you are an introverted entrepreneur. It's challenging to honor your energy while building an impactful presence on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook.

If you want to release:

  • Pressure to post when you don't have anything to say
  • Fear you won't grow if you don't get into Reels
  • Exhaustion from showing up when you would rather be alone and rest
  • Expectations that you need a massive following to attract clients
  • Overwhelm from all the energetic noise on social media

I invite you to explore the possibilities of a Facebook Group! Some coaching would tell you that Facebook groups died in 2020, but they are wrong. 

Facebook groups are still alive and well. They are the space for small, curated, intimate communities that LOVE you even when you don't show up for a week because you need to recharge

Your Facebook group can grow with you, or you can keep it small forever. It can include live videos or just written posts. No reels required! 

Are you ready to create your dream marketing reality? 

Facebook Groups 101 guides you through the inner work of deciding what that reality is AND helps you get your group up and running.

Facebook Groups
Mini-Course $22
Design your unique messaging strategy through guided meditation and channeling. A messaging strategy gives you clarity and confidence when creating content.
Clear stagnant energy, release yourself from limiting beliefs, AND learn how to develop a healthy marketing mindset.
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