find your unique voice
Create WITH your energy not against it.

Ever wondered what your Human Design means for your creativity, your voice, and the way you are designed to show up in this world?

Maybe you have no idea what Human Design is, but you are looking for answers about how you can show up as the you'est version of you.

Perhaps you've struggled for years to be consistent but you just can't seem to make it happen.

You're in the right place!

In this course we dive into your energetic makeup, and take a look at what that means when it comes to:

  • Your Voice
  • Your Productivity
  • Your Energy Cycles
  • How you are perceived by the world
  • How you best connect with others

This is powerful knowledge that can help you develop a marketing strategy that is TRULY aligned with who you are at your core.

A lot of us are simply not designed to operate in the world that society has created and that's okay! There is nothing wrong with you (or me).

You are in the drivers seat in your business. Societal expectations have no seat at the table. Dive into "Find Your Marketing Personality" to create a marketing strategy that you truly love.
Find Your Marketing Personality
Design a unique messaging strategy through guided meditation and channeling. Gain clarity and confidence when creating content.
Clear stagnant energy, release yourself from limiting beliefs, AND learn how to develop a healthy marketing mindset.
hi!  i'm laura

Each one of us is uniquely energetically wired. When we go against that nature, we run into resistance.

I've seen countless spiritual entrepreneurs crash and burn after implementing marketing strategies that didn't honor their unique energy patterns and I'm here to stop you from experiencing the same!

When you use your Human Design chart to understand how you were meant to operate, you can create sustainable consistency.

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