clarity call

Need some help with your marketing but not sure where to start? Book a Clarity Call and I’ll help you design YOUR UNIQUE Magical Marketing plan. 

From there we can decide which (if any) UCM program or project is best for you. 

Laura Langfitt with Unbridled Content Marketing making notes for her clients

What My Clients Say

“Laura has beyond impressed me as she quickly and easily grasps the concepts of what I am trying to get across. She writes content in a way that sounds exactly like my voice, only more eloquent. She asks insightful questions to make sure we are reaching our ideal clients. These questions also help me to clarify exactly what we are offering and where I want the business to go. 

She truly has a gift, and in a very short time, I have seen results directly related to the content she has created for us!”


“I started putting all the hashtags like you suggested. I saw an immediate increase in the viewership of my posts. I posted a post on Monday and it ‘blew up.’ I have an average of 60-80 likes per photo. This one busted 450. All kinds of new followers.”  – Amanda

Laura’s tone through her writing completely syncs to my style and voice and often casts my content with more confidence than I would normally expose myself, creating a smoother online environment for myself and my clients. Laura is an important asset in my business, and I am very thankful for her and her work.” – Diana