How to Perform a Social Media Cleanse

Have you ever noticed that clutter in your office holds stagnant energy that poisons the air? I recently dealt with a credit card application that had been sitting on my desk for six whole months. It’s the perfect analogy for the importance of a yearly social media cleanse.

I grew up in Alaska – Kodiak Island, to be exact. Today I live in California. Once a year, I travel back home to let my soul reset to the frequency of small-town life and sea air. As you can probably imagine, flying to a remote island in Alaska is not cheap, especially if you want to get there in one day, thus avoiding spending the night on the floor in an airport.

I use Alaska Airlines miles to pay for these trips, accruing them by putting every purchase I make on my Alaska Airlines credit card. On my latest flight home, I snagged an application to upgrade said credit card (pro tip you get about 7k more bonus miles when you fill out the in-flight paper application than when you apply online). That stupid application sat on my desk for six months.

It’s not a complicated or even lengthy application. I just didn’t get around to it. When I finally filled it out and plopped it in the mail, my office felt lighter. That stupid pamphlet wasn’t staring at me every day, taunting me for not getting it done, and my desk was more organized.

That small piece of paper created an energetic block in my life that needed to go. This same thing happens in our online space, and it’s our job to clear it. Enter the social media cleanse.

Step 1 - Your Bio

The first housekeeping item for cleansing your online space is your outward presence. Is your profile photo clear, easy to see, and up to date? If not, it’s a breeding ground for stagnant energy.

Does your bio call out to your soulmate client in a way that effortlessly tells them how you help them? Clean that sucker up if you need to! You might read it and find it no longer resonates. Great! You’ve grown and changed since you last updated it. So let’s put something that feels right in that space.

Are your links up to date? When your soulmate clients are ready to work with you is it easy for them to take the first step? Does all of your tech function as it should? This seems obvious, but you would be amazed at how many people have a broken link in their bio and don’t realize it.

Clean your house. Keep it fresh.

A card that says grounding on a black desk

Step 2 - Understanding the Algorithm

Social media algorithms show your content to people similar to those who follow you and interact with your content. Let’s break this down for clarity.

My audience is spiritual business owners. When a spiritual business owner likes, shares, or comments on my posts, the algorithm notices this and shows my content to more spiritual business owners.

That’s algorithm magic. It’s what we want.

Unfortunately, algorithm magic can work against you too. For example, you don’t want an audience full of friends, old coworkers, and family members. One or two family members supporting your business are no big deal, but too many can become problematic. 

Let’s Look At An Example:

Let’s say I have 100 followers – 30 spiritual business owners and 70 friends and family members. My content gains some traction (because those awesome supportive friends and family engage with my content). The algorithm notices this and pushes my content out to more people like those engaging.

These new people follow me… but they aren’t my soulmate clients! They are friends and family lookalikes. So now I have this audience of random people who don’t own businesses and are not a good fit for my offers.

What happens next?

  1. Those supportive friends and family members get tired, and they stop engaging. 
  2. My message doesn’t resonate with my new followers, so they don’t engage either. 
  3. My engagement and reach tank, so now not even those 30 soulmate clients see my message. 
  4. I start feeling desperate, hopeless, and like a failure assuming I’m not good enough to make my business a success. 
  5. Essentially, I’ve failed before I started, and I don’t even know why.

It has nothing to do with my offer or even my messaging.
Instead, it’s an audience problem that I unknowingly created. 

Step 3 - Removing Stagnant Energy

You can solve this problem by removing followers that aren’t your soulmate clients. This is a great activity to do while watching Netflix or waiting for your kids in the pickup line at school.

Go through and remove anyone without a profile photo, anyone who doesn’t speak the same language as you, and anyone who doesn’t meet the basic requirements of being your soulmate client (for me, that’s being a spiritual coach or service provider).

Now, if you’ve built an audience of 10k or more non-soulmate clients, you probably don’t want to go through and delete them all.

You still have choices:

  1. You can hire a VA to do it for you
  2. You can do some research to find out what these people like and sell your account to someone who serves them. 
  3. You can start a new business to serve these people yourself.

You can start a new account (
and you don’t even have to delete the old one for a while just in case you decide to go back).

Laura Langfitt sitting on the floor crosslegged reading a book about marketing mindset

Maintaining Your Social Media Cleanse

Once you’ve cleaned up your community, you have to continue to protect the space. Every time you get new followers (or likes on FB), take 5 minutes to check them out and make sure they meet the basic requirements of being your soulmate client. If they don’t, just remove them.

The more you do this, the more the algorithm will learn. So it won’t be long before long you hardly ever have to remove followers because you and the algorithm are on the same page.

Next, take note of the people that you follow. Do you get triggered by your competitors’ posts every time you see them? Do you have someone who obnoxiously comments their opinion on every one of your posts to make themselves feel relevant?

Do you ever find yourself changing your message or not posting certain content because you know that so and so will comment something negative about it (this is typically a family member that doesn’t get it)?

Unfollow that person! Remove them from your space!

The “obligatory” follow where you feel like you have to remain in someone’s community because you know them in real life, or there will be industry gossip if you don’t is complete bullshit. It’s WORSE than the stagnant energy of non-soulmate client followers. It’s negative energy, and it’s got to go.

Keeping someone in your community (even me, especially me) to avoid offending them is people-pleasing, and we don’t do that here! Remove anyone and anything that messes with your vibe.

NOW I’m not saying remove anyone who dares to disagree with you. Varying points of view and healthy discussion are awesome, and we want that. It’s those people that tear you down day in and day out that must go.

An herb bundle for smoke cleansing laying in a bowl smoldering

Step 4 - Finish with a Magical Ritual

To complete your cleanse, perform a cleansing ritual. If you have a go-to, do that! If you don’t you can use an herb bundle, burn incense, spray moon water mist, and/or charge your socials with crystals.

The tools you use don’t matter, the intention behind them does. As you smoke, charge, or mist your computer or phone think purifying cleansing thoughts. Intentionally send bad energies and non-soulmate clients away and invite those perfect soulmate clients in.

If you’ve been feeling resistant to showing up on social media lately, or your message isn’t resonating with your audience, try a social media cleanse! The process can be tedious, but the result is clear energy and a high vibe space that you and your soulmate clients will love.

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