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Soulmate Client Worksheet

We don’t use the term Ideal Client. It feels sterile and impersonal, like you are interviewing candidates for a corporate job. We also don’t reduce our people to a “target market” defined by demographic information. That’s not what we’re here for!

Our clients are magical beings who don’t have time for marketing BS. They are soulprenuers who want to change the world, and we want to aid in their mission.

We want clients who are attracted to our values and the unique magic that we share. If you want that too, the soulmate client worksheet is the perfect start.

You’ll take a deep dive into your perfect person’s mindset, dreams, values, struggles, and other intangible characteristics that make them perfectly aligned to work with you.

Once you’ve discovered who your soulmate client is you can create content that speaks directly to their soul. Ready to get started? Fill out the form to get your worksheet.

hi! i'm laura

I help spiritual business owners learn to create content that makes their soulmate clients scream HELL YES!

The first step in that mission is discovering who your soulmate client is. The deeper you can crawl into their mind and discover what they truly want, the more effectively you can meet their needs.

Run back up to the top of the page and download the worksheet so you can share your magic with your perfect people.