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To Get You Started

Don't "Wing It" and Hope For the Best

Do you need a marketing coach for your horse training business? Try out my program Free for 30 days. #marketingcoach #horsebusiness #horsetrainer #equinebusiness
You need to be creating content for your equine business. But maybe you don't know where to start, or what to write. Come check out my content coaching program. It is free for your first 30 days! #contentcreation #horsebusiness #horsetrainer #lessonhorse #marketingcoach
If you are not ready for a 1:1 coach, a group coaching program might be perfect for you. I have one just for equine business owners that will help you create content and rock your social media. #socialmediacoach #marketingcoach #horse #agriculture
I offer social media coaching for equine businesses. Stop wasting time on social media and find out exactly what you need to do for success. Try if free for 30 days. #socialmediacoach #socialmediastrategy #horse #agriculture

Your content should make your ideal client’s heart pound with excitement. If it doesn’t, it’s because you don’t have a content strategy backed by market research. My one hour training sessions via video call fix this problem.

Here’s What You Get:

  • Ideal Client Clarity – Find out EXACTLY who your ideal client is and what they need from you ($25 Value)
  • Market Research Plan – Use my market research plan to discover how to connect with your ideal client. ($50 Value)
  • Website Audit – I look at your website and offer tips to convert your viewers to clients ($100 Value)
  • Social Media Audit – I review your social media platforms and identify areas you can improve ($50 Value)
  • Content Strategy – Get the exact strategy I use to create engaging content and educate my audience, so they want to stick around and learn more about what I have to offer ($50 Value)
  • Custom Social Media Plan – We put together a custom framework for your business so you can go out there and build a killer audience on social media ($100 Value)

Training sessions are worth over $300. I want to give you a special offer for attending my webinar, so I’m giving you one for just $200! You HAVE to be willing to invest in your business if you want to see success. Let’s do this!