Use Tailwind Tribes for Your Horse Blog

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Learn how to use Tailwind Tribes to drive traffic to your horse blog #equineblog #horseblog #horsephotography
You need to know how to use Tailwind for Pinterest in order to take full advantage of this incredible platform. #pinterestmarketing #pintereststrategy #horseblog #equineblog

Tailwindapp is a Pinterest automation app, and a goldmine. I tell all of my clients to use this app. I am always hesitant to encourage a client to purchase someone extra for me to do my job. But, I won’t provide Pinterest management services for your horse blog if you don’t have Tailwind. You should use Tailwind Tribes for your horse blog!


Two words, Tailwind Tribes. These magic little communities are incredibly impactful. They are niche groups of bloggers and business owners who work together to grow each other’s Pinterest traffic. Let’s get something straight, by Pinterest traffic I don’t mean that flashy number under your profile that tells you how many people a month see the stuff you pin.

When I say Pinterest traffic, I mean real people who click a pin that leads to a page on your website. In a word of expensive paid ads and search engine competition, Tailwind Tribes are a lifesaver. Check out the screenshot of my Tailwind insights below. Have 2 million people seen your content?

Tailwind Tribe for Horse Blog

How Does it Work?

The standard Tailwindapp plan (the one I use) lets you join five tribes. A great one for horse bloggers is All things Equestrian and Western. I also have one for my Pinterest Challenge Participants. My Pinterest course is free, and you can take it anytime! Anyways, the point is that you want to join tribes that have like-minded business owners or bloggers in them.

Tailwind shows you the activity level of each tribe. Since you only get five don’t waste your space on Tribes with low activity. Once you get into the tribes, start sharing other people’s content.

Remember that blog post I did about optimizing your Pinterest profile? Where I told you that you needed to have Pinterest boards that captured all of your ideal customer’s interests, hobbies, hopes, dreams, and fears? This is how you fill those boards up. Anything and everything that you see in tribes and speaks to your ideal customer should be scheduled to your Tailwind queue.

Once you have scheduled 3-5 pins from each tribe into your queue, you can go ahead and share your own pins into the tribe. Remember, this is only for the pins that point back to your domain. You don’t want to be supercharging someone else’s website.

Mutual Benefit:

Maybe you are a horse trainer, and you shared a blogger’s recipe on DIY fly spray. That blogger is going to thank you by sharing your blog post on how to handle a hard to catch horse. You two are not in direct competition with each other, you are going after the same ideal customer, and you are helping each other by providing collections of content that speak to a well-rounded person.

Tailwind Tribes are a powerhouse for website content. You need to be leveraging them for your horse blog. If you have any questions about how to get them started, grab 10 minutes on my calendar. I would be happy to talk you through it.




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