Should You Use Instagram for Your Business?

I get so many questions from spiritual entrepreneurs regarding using Instagram for business. They see a competitor, a friend, or someone with a similar business having great success on Instagram and wonder if they should try it too. It’s never a yes or no answer. Every spiritual business is unique, and there are things you need to consider before you decide. 

Let’s dive in!

How Are You Marketing Today?

Most of the people I work with are solopreneurs. Some have a VA or an OBM but for the most part, they are the only person talking to clients and potential clients. If you are in the same boat, you don’t want to spread yourself too thin. You are FAR better off showing up well in one or two places than trying to show up all over the place and quickly burning out. 

So the first consideration you should make when using Instagram for business is, “Do I have the bandwidth for another platform?” Perhaps you’re not having much luck with your current efforts and want to make a switch because Instagram feels more aligned. That’s totally fine. Or maybe you can outsource your content creation and show up in multiple places, great! 

Regardless, take a moment to ask yourself if adding (or switching out) a social media platform is truly in alignment right now. I have more on that here if you are getting a nagging feeling that perhaps you are making this decision from a place of scarcity.

One thing that’s important to consider is that the grass is rarely greener on the other side. If your reason for switching to Instagram is because the platform you are on right now isn’t working, take a pause. I can almost guarantee the problem is you, not the platform. I don’t say that to be mean. I say it to put the responsibility back on you.

You have to dedicate yourself to living and breathing your messaging. Trying different things and failing and learning from your mistakes over and over until you get it right. 

This typically involves a deeper look at behavioral and energetic patterns of self-sabotage. It has nothing to do with your social media platform. If you aren’t able to do where you are now, what makes you think that Instagram will be different?

Is Your Soulmate Client on Instagram?

I have a blog post on not reducing our soulmate clients to a list of demographics. I stand by that post BUT you have to at least consider them when choosing your social media platforms. The majority of people on Instagram are 18-35. If your soulmate client typically falls within that age range full steam ahead. If they don’t, (or you want to take your research one step further), you can do some stalking. 

Find a few competitors on Instagram and look at the people who are following them. Do they look like they could be your soulmate clients? What hashtags are they using? Are the other people using those hashtags potential soulmate clients?

If you feel like you found lots of soulmate clients, read on! If the people you see don’t float your boat, Instagram may not be the place for you.

Do You Enjoy creating graphics and Video clips?

Instagram is primarily for video and images. You have to share photos of yourself and your workspace. You’ll also need to create reels and graphics. If you want to grow an Instagram account in today’s world, you have to be willing to post reels. There’s no way around it. 

You don’t have to dance or point to text if you don’t want to, there are a million different ways to make a reel, BUT you have to be willing to get excited about it and make reels! 

Canva is great for making graphics, and informational posts. None of the pieces discussed in this section are difficult if you dedicate yourself to learning them, but you need to be prepared. You should be excited to dive in and create these assets for your brand (or outsource doing so)! If you aren’t, Instagram may not be in alignment with your business.

How Do You Feel About Stories?

Stories are the short images and clips that you share on Facebook and Instagram that go away after 24 hours. These are a must if you want to connect with your followers. They require you to show up in real-time, sharing tips, tricks, and the behind-the-scenes in your business.

You certainly don’t have to show up every day (I try to show up every day that I work), but you should show up more days than you don’t. The good news is that your story content does not need to be perfectly curated. A snap of your desk and a quick update on what you are working on, or a tip for your followers to try is sufficient. 

I LOVE sharing on stories because when I do it right, it inspires really great conversations with my followers.

Are You Willing to Put in the Time?

Instagram is a social app, meaning you have to show up and be social. If you want to get engagement you have to give it. This means commenting on your soulmate clients’ posts, sharing their content, and replying to their stories. 

While you CAN hire someone to engage with your followers for you, you won’t find that service here at UCM. We believe that YOU are the human behind your brand and we don’t want to pretend to be you. It just feels insincere to pretend to be someone we aren’t.

Engaging on insta doesn’t have to take up all of your time. I try to spend 20 minutes 3x a week doing this. I notice a massive difference in my growth on the weeks where I accomplish this vs. the weeks where I don’t.

Can You Be Consistent?

Instagram demands consistency for growth and connection. The people who are dedicated to being there (and being real and authentic) are awesome! Once you find them you’ll really enjoy making those connections. But, if you only show up sporadically you will struggle to build the brand recognition and relationships that are required to convert your followers into clients

I really love having UCM on Instagram and I don’t see that changing any time soon. However, it also takes up time and I want to be honest with you about that. I probably spend 4 hours a week creating content, engaging, and posting stories. To me, that’s totally worth it (and yes, it pays off). It’s up to you to decide what’s right for you.

I hope this post helped you decide if Instagram is a good fit for you. If you have any lingering questions feel free to comment below.

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