Why You Need a Blog For Your Horse Business

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If you follow me on social media, you have probably seen me mention having a blog for your horse business as a fairly non-negotiable topic. I firmly stand by this. If you are going to put hundreds of dollars or hours into creating a website you have to have a blog. Google and other powerful search engines do not favor sites that are left untouched for weeks on end. Posting a weekly blog solves this problem.

Did You Know?

  • 77% of internet users read blogs
  • 82% of consumers enjoy reading relevant content from brands
  • 70% of consumers learn about a company through a blog article
  • Websites are 434% more likely to be ranked highly on google if they have a blog page
  • Businesses using blogs as part of their marketing strategy get 67% more leads than those who don’t
These statistics are no joke. Have you looked at your competitors lately? Are they blogging once a week? If not, you can get a HUGE jump on them by doing so.

Why You Aren’t Getting It Done

The most significant barrier that people have to weekly blogging is running out of topics. Are you guilty of this? Are you saving up topics so that you don’t feel like you have nothing to say? Let me ask you this, would you stop training your horse because you are worried you are going to run out of new things to teach them? Of course not, you are going to teach your horse everything you possibly can to the best of your abilities, then if you get to the point that you have shown them everything you know, you are going to go out and learn something new. You will push yourself to that next level so that you can be better and help your horse be better in the process. Why would you do anything different for your audience? I’m giving you a little tough love here. Not knowing what to blog about, or worrying about running out of topics is just an excuse. You are the only you out there. You are the only person that can share your experiences and your knowledge with the word. Are there people out there who know more than you? Of course! Are there people out there who are more qualified than you? Yup! BUT there is only one you. There are certain people out there who won’t resonate with the content that those more qualified people create, but they might resonate with yours. You might present information differently or offer a different strategy or method that works better for some people. Don’t let excuses stop you from sharing your story. If you need a little more tough-love in your online marketing for your equine business, check out my group coaching program. It is free for your first 30 days so come check it out and see what you think! Source: Techclient http://www.techclient.com/blogging-statistics/




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