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Ready to overhaul your marketing (or build it from the ground up)? Our programs are designed for you! In Unbridled Expression you’ll get 1:1 support from Laura and the team.

unbridled expression

In this 1:1 intensive, we create a messaging and marketing that guides your soulmate clients from follower to customer. 

Program Includes:

  1. 16 Coaching Calls
  2. 16 Accountability Check-Ins
  3. Magnetic Messaging Strategy
  4. Copy and Content Support
  5. Email Marketing Support
  6. Social Media Support
  7. Sales Training & Support
  8. Marketing Plan Design 
A business oracle card that says "clear your energy" on a black desk sitting next to a laptop


Let us knock out a project for you so you can focus on what you do best! This is for businesses who have a functioning marketing plan but are ready to add elements, refresh, or expand.

Laura sitting criss crossed with a journal in her lap and a pen in her mouth thinking

aligned messaging strategy session

If you LOVE to write your own content but need a little help connecting with your community and selling your offer, this is a great option for you. 

During this two-hour intensive, I guide you to connect with your spiritual guides and download your message – how you are going to change the world! 

You walk away with a magnetic messaging strategy and clarity around how to use it going forward.

Session Investment $500

email marketing

Email allows you to build intimate relationships with your soulmate clients. They look forward to seeing your name in their inbox and gaining inspiration from your energy and message. 

Our clients average: 50% open rate at 13% click rate (marketing experts say to shoot for 20% open rate and 5% click rate)

What Does Successful Email Marketing Include?

  1. A Freebie – NOT a quickly thrown together PDF that allows you to check “make freebie” off your To-Do list. You need a well-thought-out resource (mini-course, masterclass, checklist, template etc.) that solves a problem for your soulmate clients. 
  2. A Landing Page – A page with one goal and one goal only, capturing your soulmate client’s contact information and delivering their opt-in. 
  3. Automated Follow-Up – We’ll start with a welcome sequence to introduce your soulmate clients to you and your business. From there you can add in a sales sequence, an ongoing weekly newsletter or both – whatever feels good to you! 


Freebie + Landing Page $350

Welcome Sequence (7 Emails) $1050

Sales Sequence (6 Emails) $900

Ongoing Newsletter Management: Starts at $600 per month


computer monitor on desk

website copy

Your website is an extension of your personality. Boring generic content does not cut it! We‘ll dig into what makes you, you, and highlight the BEST parts of your business so we can inspire your soulmate clients to take a transformational journey with you. 

We are happy to work directly with your website designer to provide the content you need. 


Basic Four Page Website $1000

Additional Pages $250


sales pages

If you offer a transformational program, you need a sales page that explains who it’s for, what it does, and how it’s delivered. 

Good sales pages don’t have to be full of masculine bonuses, scarcity tactics, and cringy calls to action. They can be informative and inspiring invitations that inspire your soulmate clients to invest in themselves through your service. 

Our clients have generated $10,000s using our sales pages and marketing strategies. 

Pricing: $500


laura sitting with laptop on her lap


Blogging is an excellent way to increase your website’s search ranking while educating and inspiring your soulmate clients. A well written blog gives your people an opportunity to get to know you and your business before they dive in. 

The better people know you, the easier it becomes to attract the right people, and repel the ones that aren’t such good fits. 

We love repurposing content from books, resources, podcasts, and videos to write your blog in your voice. 

Our clients average an 80% increase in search ranking over 6 months. 

Pricing Starts at $1000 a month with a 180-day commitment 


social media management

We’ll help you create a magical online community while driving people to your email list where we focus on helping them decide if investing in you is right for them. You still need to show up as the face of your brand, but we help serve up your content for you.  

You must have automated email marketing to be eligible for this service. If you don’t have that set up we are happy to get you up and running. 

Platforms We Manage:

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook Pages
  3. Facebook  Groups
  4. Pinterest

When we track metrics we focus on comments and shares because that’s what shows us your community is responding to your content. 

Our clients average a 1500% increase in average comments per post after 60 days under our management. 

Pricing starts at $800 a month with a 90-day commitment.


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