You Don’t Have to Meditate to be Successful

I have ADHD. Most daily habits of successful people, like guided meditations, make me twitch and itch and think about how I have to do laundry. I LOVE creating guided meditations and participating in group meditations, but just putting in my headphones and tuning in doesn’t work so well for me. 

The same goes for journaling. My brain goes too fast for my hand, and I end up with a hand cramp and illegible words on my page. For the longest time, that frustration blocked me from connecting to my guides and stepping into the best version of myself for Unbridled Content Marketing.

Well… as with everything. It wasn’t the lack of meditation practice that was holding me back. It was the feeling that I should have had one. My downfall was the subsequent negative self-talk that followed every morning when I failed to quiet my mind and tune in. 

Billy, my coach, helped me discover automatic writing, which changed the game for me. It lets my brain go at its natural pace. I can connect to my guides and let the downloads flow right out of my fingers without anything distracting or slowing me down. 

Many of the blog posts you read here on the website started as automatic writing entries and got spiffed up/added onto and published. 

You don’t have to meditate, journal, or do anything else that people tell you to do to be successful, and it’s high time we stop putting these absurd expectations on ourselves and others. 

Assigning so much importance to one habit or practice can be harmful and doesn’t help anyone! But, before we dive into this, I think it’s important to acknowledge that this rhetoric comes from a well-meaning (but misguided) place. 

Releasing Daily Habits of Successful People

Many coaches teach in a black and white manner, follow my advice and succeed, don’t and fail. While this can motivate people to take action, it won’t get results if the action doesn’t align with them.

I worked with a coach who wanted me to outsource EVERYTHING. From cooking and cleaning my home to everything that happens at Unbridled Content Marketing outside of meeting with clients. This is more or less what she does, and she’s managed to build a beautiful life doing it.

The problem is, it’s important for me to live beneath my means. I consistently bring in more money than I spend. I’m saving for retirement, making sure I have an emergency fund, as well as enough to care for our pets and future children. I invest in myself and Unbridled Content Marketing with what’s leftover.

This coach thought I needed to do more healing work around money because I wasn’t comfortable following her advice. She is comfortable spending wildly and trusting that her income will rise to cover it. Because she aligns with this energy, that strategy works for her, but it doesn’t work for me because if I spent money like that, I would be WAY out of alignment and in panic mode.

When I stopped taking this coach’s advice, the energy shifted. I felt like a failure for not doing what she told me to, and she was at a loss for how to help me. I felt unsupported, and she was probably frustrated with me for not taking her advice. 

It’s Not Just Coaches

Should a coach push you outside of your comfort zone? YES! I LOVE it when Billy pushes me to try a new spiritual ritual makes me dig into my feelings. That’s hard ass work that’s not always fun, but I do it readily because it aligns with my values. 

However, no coach or service provider should tell you that one strategy is the be-all and end-all of success. There is no magical list of daily habits of successful people that will guarantee you make one million dollars. A coach’s job is to hold the space for you to figure out what works for you, and then help you integrate that into your life. 

Now I used the example of a coach because I think a lot of spiritual business owners can relate to it, but it’s important to note that we do this shit to ourselves too. So back to the meditation example, ask yourself right now: Am I holding the limiting belief that I need to meditate every day to reach my full potential?

Do I think I need 10k followers on Instagram to get clients? Am I defining business success as a six or seven-figure business without even wanting that kind of responsibility in my life?

Setting Yourself Free

You don’t have to meditate! You don’t even need to be on Instagram, and if you can live off $30k a year and making that much makes you happy then you are a wild success, my friend!  

There is no one size fits all secret for success, and while I highly recommend working with people who can help you reach your goals, at the end of the day, your higher self calls the shots. Not your subconscious, your ego, or any coach you work with. You can raise your hand and say, “this strategy does not align with me” at any point.

If whoever you are talking to (yourself or someone else) doesn’t acknowledge this and help you find a solution that does align with you, shame on them. 

I don’t tell my clients what social media platform they have to be on or how they should market their businesses. I help them explore works for them, and give them the tools and best practices to implement the dang thing.

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